'Next Time' Names...(Bit Of Fun)

Ok being a 'bit' premature here as Jensen is only 16 weeks BUT does anyone have 'next time' names for their babies...we already have and we're not planning on trying til after we get married in the summer next year :lol:

for a boy - Jared Mason
for a girl - Olivia Faith


  • For a boy i suppose we would go with the name we had last time which was Owen Thomas.

    For a girl I have no idea as Francesca was the only one we both agreed on. I quite like Georgia.
  • MKT86-You've made me smile... my eldest daughter is Mia Francesca Georgia... great minds!! lol

    If we have a boy it would be Soloman a girl possibly Elizabeth Ann.

    It would be number 4 for me so the last one! We are leaving it for a few years.
  • i often think about this too as Eoin is 14 months now!!

    Girl ~ Imogen mia
    Boy~ Archie conner
  • For a boy we'd have Nathaniel Callum and for a girl it could be Lily Rose or Ruby Elizabeth. Won't be for a few years yet though xxxx
  • Lily or Faith for a girl.

    Jack was the only boys name we could agree on, and we have a Jack now, so we'd have to hope it was a girl.

    But I love Alfie, Harri and Charlie!!



  • I think we're just going to stick with Poppy but never say never!! If we do decide to have another (when Poppy is about 3 at least) I think we'd pick Oliver Andrew for a boy and Daisy Grace for a girl.
  • if it was a boy I dont know coz me and OH took weeks to agree on Tyler. If I had my way it'd be Callum, Connor, Caleb

    girls would be - Faith, Erin, Freya
  • i love the name Daisy and i like Maisie but they won't go with our surname - gutted! We did have Paige Amy for a girl before we found out we were having a boy but then i decided i didn't like it lol x
  • we thought we would use the same name for a boy that we had picked for brooke but i hate it now and we have chosen ompletely different names now am pg. and always thouht we would use out 2nd option for brooke i we had another girl but again i hate that now and have gone a completely different way! weird how when ur actually pg u change ur minds! x
  • Jennifer Jane for a girl (Jenny for short) and as for a boy I'm not sure. I like William but it's totally out because it sounds crap with our surname! xx
  • yes! Jennifer is totally an awesome name, good choice!!! lol x
  • well u have good taste image hehe x
  • Olivia Katelyn for a girl.. This what Charlie would have been if he were a girl, so if we have a girl next thats what she'll be called.

    With a Boy we had such trouble getting a name he ended up with two middle names! lol so well just have to see but loads I like tho! xx
  • bet there will be sara image
  • 3 boys is plenty for me! im too young for anymore!! LOL I WANT MY BODY BACK BOOHOOO
  • kate or lucy for a girl and dean or justin for a boy. x
  • I like Harriet for a girl and Logan for a boy x
  • Robert would have been Mary Elizabeth if he was a girl so I would stick with that.
    Boy- Adam Joseph
  • As im having twins next
    Shannon and Lee (if boy and girl)- rivers in ireland
    Maireadlyn and Ellen Aine (if 2 girls)
    Connor and Sean (if 2 boys)
    however, id have to get oh to agree...
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