Baby monitors- can you recommend one?

Hi, I am currently 25 weeks pregnant but trying to get things sorted now for when bub arrives before I get really busy at work over July/ August. I'm looking for a baby monitor and really don't know where to start! I thought it might be best to get recommendations from people who've actually got them. Budget isn't really an issue but am looking for something sensitive, easy to use and does the job.

Would also like to hear any opinions on whether video monitors are worth it and also whether you'd recommend the ones with movement sensors. So much to choose from!

Thanks x

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  • Hi, we have the BT 150 and it was about ??80 from mothercare. The sound is very clear and i can hear every muffle on it. Theres a lullaby feature and you can record on it to, a nightlight, temperature and on the parent unit theres a torch.
    It bleeps when the temperature gets too hot/cold and you can control the nightlight and lullabys from the parent unit which is good if you want to replay them without disturbing baby in the room.
    It has a 2 way talk which we dont use yet.

    We dropped on as mothercare advertised a monitor in their brochure (Vtech clear sounds ??49.99) as doing everything - ticks along all the boxes, when in reality, it ticked 1 box and was a basic lights and sounds monitor. I complained that it was false advertising and misleading and they upgraded me to thr BT 150 for free image
  • I also have the BT150 and its great. I bought it from CostCo for ??50 (its more expensive in John Lewis and Mothercare at between ??80-90). So if you know anyone with a CostCo card, I'd advise you to pick one up from there
  • I have the angelsounds monitor. Personally I think its fab. It features...A night light, temperature and a movement sensor mat. If your anything like me and panic over sids the movement monitor goes someway to putting your mind at rest. I think its a reasonable price at ??80.
  • We've got the BT150 & it's great x
  • Loving the BT150.x
  • Hiya
    I was planning on going for the BT monitor, either the 100 or the 150 as I am always hearing great things about them. However I also quite like the idea of the Angel sounds monitor with the sensor pad, there is a newer one that is around ??80 and an older one, still with the sensor pad that is around ??55. Does anyone have the cheaper one?
    I will definitely be going for either the Angelsounds or the BT100/BT150
  • i have the angelcare monitor and swear by it. It went off the night before last and when we went to dd she was in a very deep sleep and not moving so I think it could possibly have saved her life. I would not be without mine.
    We have the newer one that was ??80ish.
    I could not sleep without my angelcare monitor as I know she is safe.
  • BT150 for us, can't fault it. We were given it by family who wanted to buy us something useful - everyone kept happy!
  • weve just started using the monitor, used it as a nightlight and for the temp too even without the parent unit,we have the bt150 got it from argos for 60 it had ten pounds off. I'd recomend it!
    I think its
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