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Am in process of stopping Lily's bottles (she is 19 months) and plan on giving her her morning and evening milk from the same bottles, but with a hard free-flow spout rather than the teats, if you see what I mean (it's all Tommee Tippee and interchangeable).

Atm I hand wash all her bottles, teats and beakers in the sink every evening. How many of you put beakers through the dishwasher instead of hand washing? Is this safe - do they get them clean enough? Also do they discolour, those of you who have put actual bottles through the dishwasher?

This post could also be entitled: "I am lazy, please can I stop hand-washing bottles now?"


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    I can't answer the bit about whether the bottles are clean enough with any certainty as M's obviously are being sterilised at the mo - but I think they are. On your second point, I often whack them through the dishwasher first and they haven't discoloured yet.

    I've got a little basket thingumy bob for the teats etc which could still be handy for the spouts you're going to use - apparently it whooshes the water through and ensures eveything is cleaned really thoroughly (likely marketing blurb to get mugs like me to part with their money :roll: ) Here's one:

  • Sorry to crash this post - but can I ask a question?

    You've written that you are going to change the TT teats and rings for the hard free flow spouts...which ones are these? Sounds like such a good idea, but I have never heard that you could do that!

    Sorry if I have misread, and again sorry for crashing!! xx
  • I think it depends how much of a thorough bottle-washer you are!! My OH used to moan about my terrible washing up, though I think it's improved....due to practice! We had a dishwasher when we lived with Mil, and I thought I'd never be without one, but I'm used to washing up now. I never put Gabe's bottles in it (think the discolouring would annoy me lol), but he hasnt had a bottle since 13 months. I used to put his cups in the dishwasher though since he was about 6 months.
  • Hey Joanna, I think the TT explora range fit onto normal TT bottles, you can buy handles to slot over the top too. Not sure if it actually works out that much cheaper in the end tbh, but its a great idea.

  • Thank you!

    MrsA I have both sorts of bottle, from what you describe it's the BPA free ones that discolour, I think. I have both, and I do intend to use the same bottles for Maddie when the time comes, so thanks for that info - might just have to continue with the hand washing. Like you youngmumgonemad, the discolouring would annoy me! Booooo.

    SS, I like the look of that cage. Do you wash all Maya's teats in the dishwasher? Useful info, thank you.

    Joemoeuk - yep, it's the Explora range! I bought what I thought was a beaker (clear cup part, hard spout lid and handles) and was very pleased when I got home to discover that it is in fact just a bottle, but with removable handles and spout-lid. So you don't need to be washing it all the time as you can just get another bottle from the cupboard (if you happen to have TT bottles already) and put the removable bits on.

    ANYWAY, after all that tried it for the first time this morning. Lily came into our room and asked for her milk, so I went and got it in the Explora cup. She sat there passing it from hand to hand saying "milk, milk" and didn't drink a drop. As soon as I relented and put the teat on she guzzled it. Hm. :roll:
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    I'll generally bung all the bottle and expressing paraphernalia (sp?) in the dishwasher after our dinner as I do the prep for the next day in one batch after M's gone to bed. As MrsA says, the teats etc need to be 'pinned' down, so the cage thingy's ideal for that - assume little spouts would be the same?

    I'm not sure whether Lily has cows' milk or toddler stuff, but if the latter and you ever use a powder dispenser, I find the dishwasher's the best way to get it clean and dry. When I put it in the steriliser, it stays wet and then I end up having to use kitchen paper / a tea towel to dry it, un-doing the sterilising! Maybe irrelevant if she only has milk in the morning and evening....

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