Anyone using Colief and FF?

Is anyone using Colief and FF? We have been advised to use Colief by our HV as my DD (6 weeks) is really suffering in passing wind and its suggested it might be a lactose problem.

Reading the instructions for Colief it needs to be kept in the fridge - We had planned a day out on Saturday which will span across a couple of feeds so I was wondering if anyone can advise what they do to overcome this? i,e Did you just take the Colief with you or do we need to postpone the day out???



  • We make our bottles a couple in advance - using colief that means they have to be in the fridge for at least 4 hours (but no longer than 12) so once they're made and refrigerated if we're going out we pop them in a bottle cool bag and go! I know making in advance goes against advice but with our daughter if she wakes up for a feed she wants it there and then se won't hang about whilst you make a bottle and wait half an hour!
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