Ok, so be honest... how many of you

did a poop in labour?

Just watching the Midwives discussing it on One Born Every Minute and am very interested.

I DIDN'T and was fully expecting too. But I asked the Midwives 3 times and they promised me I didn't!!!

I got the impression that pretty much every woman did - but it appears not?

Sorry if this is too much!!!!!!!!!!! LOL



  • I kept saying I had to go for a poo and had to go to the toilet. Eventually after a few hours with trying and nothing happening they told me it was the baby pushing down and that I did not really had to go to the toilet :P I ended up not pooing.
  • i didn't but i got nowhere nr the pushing stage (only reached 2cm), and i'm assuming this happens when ur trying to push. i do remember leading up to the birth tho and being worried that i wld poo. a friend of mine did tho, but she said she only knew cos she cld smell it....ewww! think when u do do it they clean it up so quick, trhat smell wld be the only way u wld know. oh the elegance of child birth lol xx
  • i didnt with ds ,not sure how i managed it because i pushed for 2.5 hours image but im afraid with dd yes i did and i knew i was doing it but couldnt stop! the midwives were fab i when i kept shouting "arrghhh im pooing" they were saying no no no your not its just the sensation :lol: **embaressed face covered*
  • i did but i didnt know until my darling hubbie informed my oldest son the next day. so the fist thing my son said when he came to visit was 'mum did you do a poo when you were having jonni' i replied no i dont think so. so he then said 'yes you did, dave told me!!!' :roll:
  • i pooped a lot at home before my waters went and as he got stuck and my 3 hours of pushing didnt do nothing ending up in section i didnt
  • I did as well, though I didn't find out until weeks after I had Jack lol. I happened to mention it to hubby that I hadn't done one and was quite proud of myself, whereby he promptly told me that actually I had but no-one told me! Mortified doesn't even come close lol xx
  • Yep!!! LOADS!!!!

    I was pushing for 1 1/2 hours and I must have poo'ed about 4/5 times!!! I kept saying 'Oooo - I've poo'ed!' and the midwife kept saying 'yep, I know!' and quickly wiping!!

    I apologised profusly afterwards but they were fine and said that they see loads of it!!

    How embarressing!! image
  • I dont think I did, it felt like I was but the midwives told me I hadnt, and my OH said I didnt. But maybe they're just trying to spare my blushes! To be honest, I really wouldnt have cared either way at the time x
  • Yes I did and like mrsamanda its only thing I really did not won't to happin!
    I was pushing for hours n kep saying I needed to poo but mw said she did not think I did but near the end I did two little black ball all thanks to the iron tablets lol really did not care coz toke the horrid need to poo feeling away!
  • Nope, but I had a bit of an upset tummy the night I went in to labour so my body conveniently had a good old clear out! Quite glad I didn't as I spent most of my time in the birth pool and would have died if a little poo went floating on by!!!
  • I didn't poo but I did fart loads!!
  • I didn't, but fully expected to! Although that may not be true, I have no idea what happened once I was pushing in theatre, but my midwife assured me I hadn't. A miracle really, seeing as I couldn't feel a damn thing!
  • i didnt either time,With Lexie i went before i went to the hospital and when i got there i was 8cm,and with Leah i went to toilet right before pushing so no not while having a baby image
  • i did with the first, but o had an epidural and couldnt feel where or what i was pushing. My second i didnt, but i didnt really push at all with him, plus id had a tummy bug so there was nothing there to poo. My third was a really quick delivery and i did quite a bit. MY oh informed me i was really smelly and i apologised to the midwife and said it was all the pineapple i had been eating, she just laughed.

    Oh well,

    Gemm x
  • I spent most of my time in the birth pool and would have died if a little poo went floating on by!!!

    That happened to me!!! :lol:
    I had no idea I had done a poo until it literally went floating by! I was so mortified I grabbed it flung it out while the midwife was in my kitchen, oh god I'm cringing just thinking about it! Hubby will never let me live it down, which is fair enough I guess considering he had to clear up the pool afterwards haha!

    Cat xxx
  • I didn't (or at least I don't think I did!)

    As soon as my contractions started I got the runs really badly (sorry if TMI!) so I think my system cleared itself out at that point...

  • Can't believe I'm sat eating my crumpets whilst reading poo stories lol.
    I didn't know whether I did but I asked OH afterwards and he said I didn't. I had a forcep delivery anyway so I don't remember doing a lot of pushing. x
  • Hahaha this is so funny! Love the poo-floating-on-by one!

    I did a poo, it was just before I was ready to push and I kept saying "I think I'm going to do a poo" and the midwife kept saying, "no that's all good, it's the baby's head you can feel". Then I actually DID do one, and I could tell the difference , so I said "I really have done one now" and the midwife was like, "it doesn't matter, I'm used to it".

    Funny how at the time it wasn't embarrassing at all (despite all the hot curries I'd been consuming recently!) I'm not remotely scared of doing another one this time round - they really have seen it all before and are so discreet.
  • I have no idea. if I did no one told me.

    I had a funny tummy the day before and then was violentky sick from the G&A so don't think there was anything left to poo. S x
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