Drinking water for newborns

Hi Everyone, i was just wondering if anyone gives their newborns water to drink?
My mum said that she used to give us water when we were babies, i asked the midwife and she said only if he is constipated( sp?), but surely babies need water?

What does everyone think?


Ps my baby is 16days old


  • are you bf or formula?
  • Breast fed babies shouldnt need water as the breast milk contains watery milk, like a drink of water, and then the milk. Jack is bottle fed, and has water occasionally, but not until he was about 4/5 weeks old. I wouldnt give a baby that young water tbh, but its upto you,

  • He is bottle fed, i just wasnt sure wot to do, he has thruh in his mouth and constantly wants to drink and i was worried about him being over fed
  • In which case i would see HV about thrush my twns had this for ages, one ce thrush is cleared then it may help with drinking anyway.

    FF babies should have a bit of water each day but prob only about an oz.
  • Yeh he has some drops that he takes, so im hoping it clears up soon, he only has about 2oz of water over the day
  • Jack is bottle fed, and he doesnt have water every day, only if ots in between a feed and we need to hold him off (although if he was screaming for food he'd have it) and he's the picture of health and has no problems..

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