think I should get bad mummy of the day award

I nipped up to the loo socouldnt have been any longer than 3 mins. I came back down to find Isaac had got in the kitchen cupboard pulled out a roll of bin bags and unraveled them everywhere Opened a packed of kitchen sponges and stacked almost all 24 of them up in 3 neat piles! and found a tin of sweets pulled out 2 of the toffee pennies unwraped them and he was eating one and Tyler had the other!!!!! image (at least he shared) I took the sweet of off Tyler who proceeded to scream blue murder coz it was soooo tastey to him :roll: and am now going to find my child proof cupboard locks!!!

bad mummy!! imageops:


  • Charlotte likes to empty all her cupboard drawers off clothes and cot clothes etc. I'm only out the room a few minutes come back and it's like a launderette!
  • LOL, Issac is such a little monkey, and i bet Tyler was loving the sweet, yes bad mummy for taking the yummy sweetie off Tyler lol, Bless them,!! 'm lucky I have Caitlin and put her in her cot or walker when i do anything, or when Robbie is home from school he helps entertain her by being very silly, but it work. I told you hun, ill swap ur three adorable angels for my hyper 5 year old lol xx Cant wait to meet the little angels
  • Awww, cheeky monkey! Tyler is definately getting those first tastes eh, custard creams and toffee pennies, lol! Riley will be a nightmare i'm sure. xxx
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