Why won't he eat homemade food :x

It's so annoying!!!

I have nothing against jars, they're great and I use them a fair bit. But I try to get SOME homemade goodies into Gabe, and he just is not interested, he's always been the same, even with plainer foods like purees I did in the beginning, he preferred the jar food.

Today I made the fish pie that Bedhead recommended on Katie's thread, anyway it was YUMMY (thanks btw!!!) but I gave Gabe a small portion and he had about 10 spoonfulls and cried like he hated it after that! He is the same with all homemade stuff, I have tried spag bolognese, chicken, carrot and apple, chicken and sweet pots, butternut squash, a tuna recipe, avacado & banana, cauli and broccoli cheese (he will eat this occasionally), mash sausage and peas w/ gravy and loads more. The only home made he will eat is a sunday dinner made by MIL. It's making me doubt my cooking skills!!!!!

He will eat homemade fruit purees, he loves them, but won't eat 'proper family food' unless its a jar.

Also it's proving OH and his family right as they are against making homemade food and keep saying that jars are best for babies so every time Gabe turns his nose up at my food I feel they are all thinking "SEE I told you!" and i couldnt have that! lol!



  • Does mummy need to go on a cooking course..... na just juoking hun could not resist though !

    Yeah it is so annoying eh... spec as he eats MIL's sunday roast, Gabe's a wee monkey !

    Don't have any answers though sorry, my OH is out tonight and trying to catch up not been on BE for yonks, hope your well x

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  • Why do they think jars are best? He can't live on jars forever. My hv said it makes them fussy eaters in the long run as they are used to that specific taste of jar food...it all tastes the same to me!! Keep trying, don't give up he'll take it eventually!! xoxox
  • How dare he refuse my fish pie :lol: glad it was nice! Could you maybe try mixing some jarred food in with the homemade stuff and gradually reducing the amount or jarred stuff?
  • I know, cheeky git! I must admit I was skeptical that fish, creme fraiche and potato could make such a delicious pie, but it certainly can! Wonder how it works....

    I have no idea why they think jar food is best yummy mummy...Just cos their 4 kids had it and turned out 'fine'...HA they are the fussiest eaters ever! 3 of them won't eat anything with 'flavour', anything 'foreign' is a no-no, anything with onion, garlic, and any veg that isnt peas or carrots is a no-no (bil and sil wont eat veg fullstop)...basically live on meat and chips.

    It drives me loopy!

    I may carry on with the jars for a few days and then start introducing some homemade to it and reducing the jars etc...

  • As you know my lo is fussy but fortunately she will eat both. I give a mixture but normally try to give her as much home made as possible. lo's can be faddy like this - next week he'll probably want only homemade food! It's so frustrating when they wont eat what you've cooked. Now I cook for us and make a bit extra for Charlotte so I'm not cooking specially for her. Just keep persevering. If he just has jars he might be a fussy eater, but then again you can't force them can you?!
    What about trying him on something with a little spice/garlic in it. My hv told me some babies hate bland food (don't take that as a criticism on your cooking)! So try something like chilli con carne or a curry. Oh made us chicken tikka masala tonite so I've frozen some for Charlotte with some basmati rice in. She'll have some for lunch tomorrow too. Hopefully it will help with her cold too.

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  • I always found that it took Neve lots of tries of some new things before she would accept them. I would offer it to her once a week for a while and you will probably find that after a few weeks she will eat it.
  • I've found that too lottie so maybe you're right!
    ccbmommy, that is worth a try! He loves the heinz Globe totters food, the chillis and stuff, wolfs it down and does seem to like anything with a lot of flavour. And I do admit, I never make stuff like this! I can make a lovely lamb curry from scratch but haven't done it since pregnant as don't have the time. But I might do it again...if I say it is out of a jar then OH might even eat it as he has phobia of anything home cooked (like Gabe!)
  • Yeah I should do your lamb curry. Charlotte also likes the heinz Globe Trotters too.
  • daisy is hit and miss with home made stuff but mine allways tastes so bland jars all taste the same but have strong flavours. i used to make spec stuff for daisy but now tend to use our gravis and sauces rather than baby ones as they have more flavour. have you tried spag bog made with dolmio this is really tomatoey he might like the strong flavour. sometimes i mix meat with apple puree like pork makes the meat really sweet and sweet potatoe is good to mix in with fruit and meat. ive also mixed a few teaspoons of a jar in with some homemade makes me feel like she getting some fresh vegies inside her. daisy will also eat a pile of sliced cooked carrots in gravy so i offer this with her meal . peas she loves to pick up and eat and stalks of cauli and brocolli, so maybee you could concentrate on finger foods for a while.
  • Sorry to hear is being a pain!
    fortunately Jemima takes both homemade and jars. Her favourite stage2 jars which she eats the whole jars have been the veg lasange adn the pastas.She loved the pasta and tom recipe in annabel Karmel recipe book. She also enjoys my homemade currys and chinese. I usually add some milk/baby rice to lower the heat of the spices. I have also found out that she loves her potato!
    Are you making the meals especially for him. most of teh time she has the elft over of our meals from the night before (if oh remembers to leave some!). We usually eat once shes in bed. Then if she doesnt eat it, one of us will then ti doesnt need to be thrown away.

    Definatelky dont give in. Give him praise when he eats the homemade fruit purees, Are you pureeing (?sp) homemade family meals or leaving lumps in it? xxx
  • I leave lumps in it, he's fine eating the stage 2 jars now and finger foods and can manage lumps well.
    Joey...when you cook chinese or curry do you use the adult jars of sauce or make your own sauce? Also I thought you couldn't use chilli sauce or dolmio, etc, in babys food as it is too salty (apparently), would a small amount be OK for an 8.5 mo old do you think? I am starting to make more family friendly meals (ones that OH will tolerate) and have been making spag bol and chilli etc but its so hard finding salt-free sauces, EVERYTHING has salt in it! xx
  • I have the same probs with Zacky. He will not eat the veggie mush that I have made and frozen - but then again I refuse to eat my cooking as well LOL. He is fine with the fruit mush from the freezer though so dont really get it!

    Luckily he will eat any dried foods and most jars. He will also eat things cooked by his nans, and is quite happy to try whatever we eat. Yesterday he had a big bowl of stew at my moms (naughty as mom cooks everything in salt and then adds more and had adult gravy in it). He loves cooked dinners as aell. Just as well as we are off to OH dads for dinner tomorrow.
  • Hi,
    Yes we do use adult jars. We have been using the sharwood ones, although we have just tried the tesco equivalent at half the price and they seem fine. The amount she actually eat in her little meals is really quite small.
    I've just looked it up and babies 7-12 motnhs should be having 1g a day.
    She doesnt have salt in anything else unless its in the baby jars (I dont cook with salt, only in homemade bread). If anything we are probably under feeding her on salt!

    Recommended salt limits
    0 to 6 months: less than 1g per day
    7 to 12 months: 1 g per day
    1 to 3 years: 2g per day
    Age 4 to 6: 3g per day
    Age 7 to 10: 5g per day
    Age 11 to 14: 6g per day
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