Please... any tips for getting baby to sleep through?

Hi everyone,

This is becoming a joke now.
Ruby slept through freom 10.30 till 6am at around 5 weeks but for the past 4 or 5 weeks she has been waking up several times in the night. This week it has been literally 5 times. She seems to sleep from 10-1ish then from 1 o'clock she is up every hour until I we get up at 7am.

She is only taking 2-3oz at a time and has been for weeks which is getting frustrating. She's been on a lactose free milk like some of you know and today I have tried her on Cow and Gate from a carton but she's still the same.

If you have any tips at all please let me know as i'm really starting to lose the plot!

Thank you,
Amy xx


  • Hi Amy,

    sorry you're having a tough time. How old is Ruby? Is she on solids yet? Just one of the first signs of needing more substantial food is increased waking in the night. I weaned my daughter at about 20/21 wks as she went from sleeping 10.30pm til about 6.30am, to waking at 1, 3 and 5 - so sounds a bit similar. After a few days on a bit of baby rice things got better. That is until recently when the teeth are coming!! Aarrrrgh if it's not one thing, its another.

    I know some people say give them just water in the night if they wake, but I always think it's difficult to know if they're genuinely hungry, esp. bf babies like my lo. But that might be worth a try, just in case she's trying it on.

    Don't know if that helps at all, but I know its tough when you've just got used to having some sleep again.

  • zoey was the same, i gave her the hungry baby milk and gave her a bath with johnsons bedtime bath right before bed, it really helped no end as she woke up every hour for 3 days in a row.
    hope this helps xx
  • Thanks guys.
    Ruby is 14 weeks so still a bit young for baby rice from what i've read on here. Although she was 2 weeks late and a big baby at 14lb 8oz, so don't know if that makes a difference.
    I've already been giving her a bath every night with the Johnsons bedtime bath hoping that she'll get in some sort of a routine but it doesn't make much difference unfortunately.
    I'll try the hungry baby milk tonight!
    She does seem genuinly hungry when she wakes up as I try putting her dummy in or rubbing her back and even giving her a cuddle but she's not satisfied until she has some milk. But it's still only a few ounces. I really don't understand as she always polished off a 6-7oz bottle before all this started, and still wanted more.
    Rachael, I hadn't even thought about the teething yet! It's never going to get better! Bless your lo! My SIL recommends Anbesol liquid for when Ruby's bigger so may help you too! xx
  • i agree.. maybe she could be ready for weaning.. i gave brooke half a rusk in her 7pm bottle and that filled her up that bit more to go through the night. i know they reccomend not too but it did brooke no harm alot of the girls at mums and tots do it. i dunno y they frown upon it so much! or just try to start weaning her just a bit of baby rice or something.. xx
  • For us it was just time and some controlled crying (although thats not recommended until they are at least four months), and he's only just, at 9 months reliably sleeping through most nights. Are you sure she's really hungry? I know for angelo feeding became more habit/comfort than anything else, I just gave it some time, waited until he started some baby rice so I knew for sure he wasn't hungry, then just persevered at slowly cutting out the night feeds. Once they get used to waking up at certain times and having milk it becomes habit so they often need a bit of to break the habit. good luck.
  • Have you tried giving water in the night? We went through something similiar and we looked at a number of things: How much sleep she had during the day; how much milk she was getting etc. Once you start giving milk during the night they will expect it and it is very hard to break the cycle. Try the water and persist with the dummy etc. Once they get the idea they are not going to get milk it should work, providing they are getting enough milk during the day and are not sleeping too much! Good Luck
  • mia is now sleeping through from 8pm to at least 5am. if she does wake up i give her a dummy now as i dont want to start giving her milk and have her wake up regularly now i know she can go without it.
    it was hard at first but be persistant with the dummy, for the first few days we were up every hour popping the dummy back in but she soon got used to it. the last few days she has slept 8 through til 7.
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