Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful night whatever you're all doing. image

We have chosen a DVD to watch and have takeaway later on! Kelsie and Jack have promised us they'll be really good tonight!! How clever for a 15 month old and 9 week old hey?! :lol:




  • yeah happy new year!! have a good one xxx
  • Happy new new to you to! And to everyone. My dh has just gone out to get take away chinese, and Louise is in her room for the first time.......
  • We are having a cosy night in and hopefully Charlotte will sleep thru (depending on the fireworks) as she's been unsettled the last few nights. She's making noises now in her cot..........
    Opening some bubbly later if lo still asleep.
    Happy New Year to everyone xxx
  • happy new year all!! hope you all have a good night.
  • Happy New Year! It's mine and OH's anniversary tonight. We first got together at a New Year's Eve disco in 90/91 so we've been together 18 years!!!!
  • Happy New Year to everyone. We are just staying in and watching TV and eating loads of sweets. Kara is in bed.
  • Happy New Year everyone-hope the sweets/take aways/bubbly are yummmy and babies/lo's are happily settled. See you next year!! xxx
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    ???????.??????????????.??????? Have a Happy New Year ???????.??????????????.???????

    yay! we're at home too, just chillin with a tin of quality street and plenty of chilled cans of lemonade lol! how sad are we? we stood round JJs cot at midnight and wished him happy new year with a few tears in our eyes :\)
  • Happy new year to everone and there lo's =]
  • Happy new year babe
    we just had an early night, nothing to exciting for us, charlie got up for a feed just after 11.30pm so when he finished his feed and was put into bed at 11.58pm awake thing went bad as the stupid fireworks started going of two mins later so he couldnt get of to sleep for ages x
  • Happy new year everyone!!
    No alcohol for me as breast feeding but eldest came in at 4am with enough boozy breath for me to get drunk off.
  • happy new year to you all!!

    i hope you all have a fantastic year, and that it brings you everything you would wish for!! :\)
  • happy new year every one
  • Happy new year hun.

    We just stopped in because Gracie is use to silence as was my son and the first new year with my son we ended up in my room at my mums house with him because the noise of everyone freaked him out. Its our fault for keeping the house such a silent relaxing place. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Happy new year to you too hun.
    We just stayed in too and had a drink. Was ok but but was a struggle to stay up past midnight, think I was fast asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.
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