Tantrums already!

My baby thinks he's two! He's not even a year old yet (still 2 weeks until his first birthday) and he's already throwing tantrums. Any time I tell him 'no', or confiscate something he shouldn't be playing with, he bursts into tears and throws himself to the ground! At the moment we're thinking that the best course of action is to ignore him when he does it until he calms down, but it's not making any difference.

He's been very moody recently and we can't figure out why. I only have 2 theories as to what could be causing it.

1. maybe he's teething and not feeling his best, but he hasn't reacted like this before when teething
2. some sort of separation anxiety. He has stayed over at his gran's a couple of nights recently. He never takes this well, and keeps his grandparents up all night. The first night he stayed he went on a hunger strike in the morning and wouldn't eat his breakfast. He wouldn't even take a breastfeed when i went to pick him up in the morning and refused to take his breast milk until we were back home. He also 'punishes' me for a couple of days afterwards by being grumpy and clingy and bawling every time i leave the room.

Can anyone suggest anything we can do to stop this behaviour in its tracks?! He's usually such a lovely baby, but at the moment he's behaving like a stroppy teenager and it's really getting me down!


  • Sorry I have no advice because we are having the same with Holly, she has just turned one and has started taking tantrums when she is told no and but bursts into tears and screams. Im trying to ignore it and hope that its a phase she is going through, so no advice but at least your not alone lol xxx
  • yes my lo is having tantrums too she been having them since 9 months. especially when i try to dress her change nappy and put her in car seat or push chair. she arches back out screams cries its so embarassing when out, and the word no means nothing she just laughs then throws herself on floor screaming when i remove the object i dont want her to have ie paper remote control phone etc i really worry about her head as i struggle to restrain her at 10 months old so i dont think its a phase i think its their personality very strong willed.
  • Neve threw herself on the floor and cried today because I blocked off some stairs. Am also ignoring it and definately having trouble with nappies as well. SO ANNOYING!!!!
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