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Hello ladies
I need a little bit of help if someone can! I'm bringing my 3 month old over to the UK for a month on Wednesday and am making last minute preparations. I formula-feed so I've already bought in enough tins of formula to last us the whole time as I could not find the same brand online in the UK and i didn't want to change her milk.
As we live in Spain, we use bottled water to make up bottles. I'm a bit reluctant to suddenly give her UK tap water as I don't know how her little stomach might react. When adults come here they react to the water, and it's no different for us the other way round as we're not used to UK water.
Does anyone know any suitable brands of bottled water for babies in the UK? I've been searching online but can't seem to find an answer. It's the recommended method here, but over there it seems to be the other way round!
Any help would be great

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  • Hi Mixti,
    The advice here is to make bottles up with cooled boiled tap water. I remember reading somewhere about being careful about bottled water due to mineral content but can't remember which one was recommended as best if you needed to use it? Hope someone can help you with it.
    Good luck for your trip
  • Thanks mummyjackson. Here they recommend specific brands for the reason you mention; there are a number of brands considered "safe" for babies and it's considered the lesser of two evils as the water here from the tap is not always so good.
    I hope someone has heard which brand in the UK is ok! Someone mentioned Evian might be, but I can't confirm it online
  • ive heard the same as MJackson, id just boil the water, that should be fine. Good luck!

    Em x
  • We gave our lo bottled water prior to 6 months as she wouldn't drink cool boiled. We were told that it's the sodium content that you have to look out for, especially if you're using it to make bottles up as she would be consuming a lot of it. We gave Evian, as we were informed that this has one of the lowest sodium contents. Hope you have a nice trip xx
  • Hiya hub, just had a bit of a google for you and the nhs website says to use water with a sodium content of less than 20mg/l have just found this isklar water that says suitable for lo sodium diet, 1.2mg/l and overall low mineral content Compared to evian that seems to be one of the lowest 6.5mg/l or highland spring is 5.6mg/l hth xx
  • Brilliant, thanks for all your answers ladies! Ems101, we're reluctant to use tap water as it makes us have tummy upsets when we travel over so I don't want the same to happen to her!
    So it looks like Evian is the answer then. I'll make sure we've got some in our host's place. Kayssis, you're much better at Google than I am then.. I tried googling the mineral content of waters and found nothing! xxx
  • hey chick - this website lists all the water safe to use for making up feeds xx
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