Pushchair Problems..... Advice please!!

Got my lo weighed today.... he is a whopping 29lb 15oz so just under 14kg.... all pushchairs say max child weight is 15kg.... what do I do... he is only 8.5 months old...... ANy advice girls??!?!?!?!?


  • What sort of think do you want? I know that as a single my Phil and Ted's is ok up to 50lbs. Will none of the Maclarens take more weight than that? It's nice to see someone who makes Barney look little :lol: 29lb 15oz is about 2lb heavier than Millie !!!
  • oh my gosh didn't realise they would be that low, thought would b using pushchair until jack was about 2, last time i got him weighed he was 21lb and that was about 5 weeks ago so i'm sure he's not far off 15kg now and he's only 7 months. Qill be interested to hear everyone's advice onthis one x
  • Just done some googling and the Phil and Teds, Quinny Buzz and the Loola Up will all take up to 20kg which is 44lb. They do tend to slow down with the weight gain towards the end of their first year so I think any of those would last untill he was walking.
    Hope that helps
  • yeah once he starts walking babe his weight gain will really slow down. my lo is 13 months and not 21lb yet cus she just does not keep still ever!!!
  • lol he is a big boy but in proportion! When I stand him up he is taller then most 1 year olds!!! He is going to tower over me by the time he is 2 lol

    I wanted a lightweight small pushchair but this is the problem cos they are all up to 15kg. The Phil and Teds are heavy and expensive image How is yours Bedhead??? He has slowed down, he only put on 2lb in 8 weeks lol he used to put on 1lb per week at 1st and I used to get moaned at by the HV's!!! ARGH what to do......
  • oh ok I may take a look at that one thanks hun x
  • The Phil and Ted's is great, it's not that heavy but it is big and expensive :lol: Someone must make a lightweight pushchair to take 20kg, not going to give up that easy lol. You could always just carry him everywhere image
  • Just looked at my maclaren and is says that 15kg is 55lb - so hopefully now his weight has started to slow down it might take him a while to get there!
  • I have a maclaren quest and it says up to 55lbs. Its a great pushchair i would recommend it!!
  • ok, so we have been out this arvo and had a look, basically cos oh is so tall with a long stride it looks like its either a Phil & Teds Vibe (this is the only one without a bar across the back wheels that doesnt get in the way) :roll: or a Jane Slalom Pro.... has anyone got either of these or can advise on these 2 models???
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