Manas & Papas 03 Sport-wobbly wheel

I'm hoping that someone can help me with this - I've recently got a 2nd hand mamas & papas 03 sport pram, but when the front wheel isn't in a fixed mode it's really wobbly, so much so that you can't really use it in this setting. Any ideas how to solve this? I think it must be an old model (it's in grey) so I can't really go into the shop.

Thanks v much


  • hi hun what are the wheels, plastic or tires?
  • hi ya,
    i used to work in mothercare and we often had 3 wheelers bought in with a wobbly front wheel, which made the pram judder and almost bounce along, it was normally due to the front wheel nut being done up too tightly, if you loosen it slightly it should stop the wobble,

    Hope that works

  • The wheels are tyres

    Thaks for the advice shockedmummy - thats exactly what it does! I will try doing what you suggest tomorrow 2c if that works.

  • maybe they need inflating?
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