FAO those with 2-3 years age gaps (also posted in toddler)

Hi Ladies,

I was wondering if you would mind sharing your experiences please..... Lo is nearly 10months old and hubby and I were thinking that we would start trying for no.2 towards the end of this year, therefore giving us around 2-3 years between lo and the next. My thoughts were so that I could use my pram again as lo will be old enough to walk (???!)

My questions are:

1) What is the age gap between your lo's?
2) Did you opt for a double buggy, buggy board, or something else?
3) How did you find the age gap convenience wise? Ie potty training with the older one etc etc

Many thanks in advance.

Becky x


  • hi, my son was 14mths old when i started to ttc number two. took 8 months to get pg so isaac was 2yrs 8mths when his sister was born. i loved this gap for many reasons. he was old enough to kinda understand what was going on and i had spent the last few months gettin him to walk places instead of using his buggy. he was quite lazy tho so i did get a second hand double buggy cos he used to fall asleep in his buggy. from the minute summer was born he never napped in a pushchair again!! he loved my friends buggy board so i think that would of been a better buy. hardly used the double buggy at all. we were lucky cos he was totally potty trained and out of nappies by the time he was two so didnt have that to contend with. isaac is 4 now and summer almost 18mths and they get on brilliant! he is a great help with her and loves to play and keep her entertained!
  • i can't offer any advice but i just want to say i'm in a similar situation to you and i was thinking the same about the pram hehe!!!!! xxx
  • Hi,
    Age gap between mine is 2yrs and 3 months.
    I opted for a Boogie Board which my toddler loved at first, but now isn't bothered. He tends to walk most places. There have been times when a double buggy would have been handy, but I can probably say no more than 5 times, so kinda think I did the best thing by not having one (from a financial point of view I mean!)
    I also have a baby bjorn carrier which I always kept in the car, so if Samuel did want to go in pram, I put Eden in the carrier.
    I found the age gap fine most of the time! The first few months were the hardest, as my toddler had to adjust to not being the baby anymore. He seemed to grow up very quick once his baby sister came along. I potty trained Samuel whilst Eden was about 4/5 months old and that was fine as I was home most of the time anyhow. Now Samuel is a bit older (almost 3 now), and his sister is 8 months, they have a lovely relationship. Eden idolises him and as soon as she can crawl, she'll no doubt be following him all over the place.
    I think its a lovely age gap, can be hard at times, but the good times so outweigh those!
    Good luck ttc. xx
  • Hiya,

    We've got 2 years and 10 months between DS and DD and it works brilliantly for us.
    We got a buggy board when DD was born and DS loves it, he's 4 nearly 5 now so doesn't use it anymore but did upto being about 4 I'd say (lazy boy!!) He wasn't out of nappies when she was born but started toilet training on his 3rd birthday and he was dry and accident free within 2 days so waiting that bit longer worked for us plus we used the whole 'babies wear nappies' thing to our advantage.
    When DD was a newborn he was fantastic with her, made him feel special that he was the big boy and could help us do lots of things for her. She worships him and goes everywhere with him now (as long as he'll let her!) There have been a couple of niggles with him being a bit jealous of the time a baby/toddler needs but we've got past that by having some special him time in a day and lots of reassurance.
    I think it's an ideal age gap and wouldn't change it for the world!
    Good luck!
  • Thanks for posting this we're in similar dilemma, DS is approaching 17mths and wondering about when's a good time for No2 and what considerations we need to make just like you.
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