Credit Crunch



  • Other than the increase in our weekly shop, I hadn't noticed an impact on us until of course I was made redundant!! Not many people are buying new BMW's at the moment so the dealership was really quiet!! So, I guess you could say that the credit crunch has affected me big time!!
  • emdt I think it is. My company policy was 6 months full pay, 3 months stat and then the rest unpaid if you were taking it. But you accrued holiday for the entire time you were off including unpaid mat leave. When they made me redundant they had to pay me my company mat pay, stat mat pay, untaked accrued holiday and then all the redundancy payments that I was entitled to the same as everyone else in the office. When you are put onto notice of redundancy there will be someone you can contact to confirm what you are entitled to.

    I don't have another job, have decided to stay home with Neve while she is little so it was a bit of a gift really. I hope things work out well for you.
  • thanks Lottie, thats really good to know. I am loving being with ella so maybe it will be a gift for me too! think i'll feel better when i know where i stand... am not neojying the uncertainty but its nice to know that it can work out!

    thank you. xx
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