dont no what to do

carson has decided to scream at night going to bed, no tears just crying and screaming and loosing his voice,he doesnt want to go bed, i end up picking him up and trying an hr later and he cries a bit but not as much, if he was over tired surely he would be worse when i put him back, yest i no his tired as rubbing eyes.i may try and put him down a little later? but other wise i dont no what to do. i felt awful yesterday as he cried for 30 mins and when i put arms in cot to try and lay him down he grabbed my neck and cuddled me! he is 7 months


  • What time are you first trying to put him to bed?

    What do you do in the lead up to bedtime?
  • bath and bottle, 7pm normally.x
  • I think at 7 months Max was going down to bed a bit earlier than that at maybe half 6 bath, boob and story probably started at 6pm and then he went to bed.

    I personally wouldn't move such a lo's bedtime later. How does he sleep through the day? Has this screaming etc at bedtime just started recently? If so it maybe (here comes the awful word) a phase and you just need to percevere (sp) for a few days/weeks or could he be teething? If so then use some powders/gels/calpol as needed????

    Is any of that helpful?
  • It does to me sound like a dreaded phase lol. But also attention seeking. He knows you're going to come get him so he keeps it up till you do.

    As long as Oscar's not getting really upset and I know he's not hungry or anything then I just leave him in bed. He now has a cursory shout when I leave the room but if he's not tired enough for sleep he chatters to his teddy and plays the banging game until he tires himself out. Not ideal perhaps but at least there's no crying! Lol
  • his sleeping in day has improved greatly, he naps in morning an hr or more, 1 hr- hrs in afternoon and 30 mins nap late afternoon. last few nights he was waking for bottle at 11pm and slept through till 7am. he did this once before for two nights then just stopped. could it be that he sees his dady come in just as he goes down as my OH likes to put him to sleep?
    i dont think he is teething as there are no tears and he stops as sonn as you get him out and plays. i guess its anger and he is testing the water? i usually putting him down between 7-8,depending on time he wakes from last nap. what time scale do you have from last nap to bedtime?
  • What time does he have the 30mins late afternoon nap??? I won't let max nap after 3.30 or 4pm as otherwise he is not tired for bed!

    Does sound like he is testign the water and you need to be strong - it's hard tho isn't it!!!!
  • between 3 and 5pm depending on last nap,no later than 5 wake up time though. last night he woke at 430, and was rubbing eyes and tired by 630, was in bed at 7pm and it all started. i dont no wether i should just get him up and try again as that does work, but im afraid im sending wrong message to him and will have tantrums to come!or leave him and do cc, but i hate it i feel as if im rejecting him and he doesnt seem to run oyt of steam and sobbs,which is awful!
  • I, personally, wouldn't get him ready for bed and put him down for bedtime and then get him back up for more playing if he doesn't settle as I do think that is sending the wrong messages 'it's bedtime but mummy will get you up for more playing if you cry' - I think that could cause problems well into toddlerhood! If you don't think he is ready for bed make his bedtime later rather than putting him down and getting him back up for more playing! If you do think he is tired then I have found cc works but yes it is hard. How often do you go into him when doing cc? I found that if I went in every 5 mins it made max worse rather than better so I left it 10 mins first and then every 15 mins. It worked really well for us but I know it is not for everyone. It took a good 3 or 4 nights with us but then that was it no more screaming and no more cc!

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  • i agree i think it sends message i will pick you up , oh no i wont ,and visa versa. a friend uses it and thinks if offers comfort and saying but mummy will put you back down baby. but im not convinced.
  • we did this sort of last night in and out and he kept going for 40 mins until picked up!
  • CC - going in and calming and leaving again (there is loads of online info about cc) can take a couple of hrs at a time and repeat for a few nights! The longest it took with my little boy was an hr and half and then he was asleep and like I said it took us about 4 nights.

    Sorry if I haven't explained very well!
  • oh no you did, i was just explaning what we did that night. last night i gave him bath at 7pm and let him play quietly till 8 then took him up and he went down!
  • It seems you might have found the answer then - hope it works for you again everynight - fingers crossed!
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