11oz tommy tippee bottles at home bargains

Just been into home bargains and they were selling 11oz TT bottles with 3month + teats for ??1.49 each. Bargain! Bought one cause I'm sick of making a sticky mess with milk powder on cole's 9oz bottle at 5am in the 9oz bottles I have.

They also have sets of 2 of the 5oz bottles for ??1.99 and a steriliser + 2 bottles for ??8.99 or maybe ??8.49 or something like that.

Thought the big bottles might be useful for those with hungry babies image


  • core thats handy to no hun i love the tt bottles daughter does too ill have to have a nose image
  • Oh I wish I'd known about these 8 months ago! I have a set of boots bottles that are marked to 10oz and had to buy them as well as the TT as 9oz wasnt enough for Gabe. He only drinks 7oz now though! xx
  • Tigerlily it was you i was thinking about when I saw them..well Gabe too! I remember you saying he was having 9oz. I didn't know they did them that big - think they are from germany though by the packaging! Maybe german babies drink more milk than english babies lol.

  • Didnt think they did the bottles that big. Might have a look next time I go shopping, might come in handy for a bedtime bottle when he is older.
  • Didn't realise they came that big either! Slight technical hitch though as they don't fit properly in the steriliser - I had to put it where the teat/lid is meant to go and then only sterilised 3 bottles which isn't a problem for us when we are only going to use one big one for the early mornings but I wouldn't want to try and sterilise lots of them at once in the TT steriliser
  • Is Cole old enough to stop sterilising? I'm confused as when to stop, I thought it was 1 but friend said if they keep having a bottle after 1 you have to sterilise it, so she sterilises her 14mo olds bottles......
  • I've heard people say its ok to stop when they are 1 but we are keeping on sterilising - partly cause he's been poorley off and on for a couple of months and we don't want to suddenly start giving him tap water and cows milk and no sterilising and everything all at once, and partly cause I always figured the point of sterilising was to kill the milk bacteria that can get on the teats so why stop just cause they are 1.

    I'll probably stop sterilising when he's fully on cows milk or sippy cups. Tbh if we had a dishwasher we'd stop sterilising but sometimes our water is hotter than others so i'd rather be safe than sorry. I guess its a personal choice whether you stop after 1
  • omg why does this happen after we've all got everything? damn home bargains and their...bargains!! lol x
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