Trying out EASY with boys today!

I figured the reason the boys still wake for up to 4 times a night, even though they arent hungry, is because they are not getting enough proper sleep in the day. So, thought we might try a routine to help. I liked the flexability of EASY so here goes!

I put them down for a nap in their cot (first time ever in their room!) at 8.50. Ive been up to settle Ryan once, and apart from the coughing and spluttering I can hear down the monitor, they are both still asleep!

Has anyone used EASY with their LO's? Does it work?


  • I did EASY with Rachel (very loosely) when she was little, as I too loved the flexibility of it, and we had great results with it. She very quickly went into a 4 hour routine, straight back to sleep after her night feeds and dropped all night feeds at 5 months.

    Good luck!

    Hannah xx
  • i have been doing the easy routine with Rafferty for the last week and it seems to work really well, he wakes at 7.30 and eats at 8, then stays awake until 10am (this seems to be his most alert time of day) he then has 1 1/2-2hours decent sleep in his pram or crib before he has another 5oz bottle at 12, sometimes we struggle with an activity after this feed but yesterday i gave him an olive oil massage which he enjoyed and was then awake until 2ish, he had another sleep until his 4pm feed, i then let him nap in his bouncy chair until about 5.30 and woke him for his bath and he had a nice awake time until 7 when i gave him his bottle in his bedroom with dim lights, he then slept until midnight, had a really good feed and went straight down until 4am when he repeated the good feed and went straight back to sleep until 7.30am!
    i would say give it a couple of days but we have noticed a big difference in the night sleeping and he has gone from having 7 x 5oz bottles to having 6 over a 24 hour period!
    good luck with the boys, you deserve a medal for managing with 2 little bundles!

    Keeley and Rafferty 5 weeks 4 days!
  • I used EASY with great success. It will probably take a little time to work out what the best A (activity time) is for the boys and they may be slightly different. Remember A time is from eyes open to eyes shut so includes feeding and playing.

    The only other tip i would give would be the Baby Whisperer's 3 yawn rule...1st yawn, quieten everything down/remove toys and stimulation. 2nd yawn...head up to room, 3rd yawn put down in cot. I have found this works brilliantly with my lo and if i'm waiting for the 3rd yawn for more than 5 mins i tend to put him down and as i'm tucking him in he'll yawn!
  • I've done it with Jack since about 6 weeks and he's slept all night since about 8 weeks. Like Keeley said, Jack also dropped a feed in 24 hours and within 2 weeks had dropped from 8 bottles to 5 per day which we now stick with. I work on a 3 hourly feed rountine from 8am until 8pm. Feed, playtime then after 1-2 hours sleep time for an hour or so until next feed, I also dont let him go more than 3 hours so I do wake him up from a nap to keep him on track. He sleeps from 9pm until 8am most nights....bliss!

    Good luck!

    K x
  • Me and my friend did EASY with our LOs, her more strict than me though! We have now moved over to Gina Ford roughly, but our LOs are 8-9 months! Loved the EASY routine and T got on well.
    GL!!! xxx
  • Good luck today honey, you are one amazing women with twins, I struggle too keep up with Oliver and hes just 1!!!
    Woudl love to hear how you get on with EASY as I have heard about it and would definately consider it when he reaches 6 or so weeks.
  • Only starting very loosly at the moment so I can record things and see how their body clocks work. They are on a 3hr routine and wake at 7.30 to eat at 8. They went down for a nap at 9 for an hour (wouldnt sleep anymore). Then awake till bottle at 11. Now they are both quite grizzly because they are tired so going to go out in buggy so they can have a proper nap. Want to get the used to napping in cot which is why being very loose. Also, both woke up with snotty cold and awful cough this morning so cant start being strict yet!

    Cant write much now but hoping to ask for some advice later!!
  • I've been thinking about this, I logged T's day on Thursday and it seemed quite similar to the EASY anyway so I may give it a try!!

    Did you get the book?

  • I've been thinking about this, I logged T's day on Thursday and it seemed quite similar to the EASY anyway so I may give it a try!!

    Did you get the book?

  • Ive ordered the book tocome on Tuesday. Just logging at the moment. Have noticed that the boys might be better working to a 7-7 schedule that an 8-8. Going to try it out and see??

    Would love some longer stretches at night now theyre nearly 14 weeks (tomorrow).

    So far our day has been...

    E 8am
    S 9.05 - 10am
    E 11am (had to make them wait it out for this one)
    S 11.30 (and still sleeping)

    They were so tired after their 11am bottle that I couldnt keep them awake. We went out in the buggy as that is my normal routine with them.

    Thinking that, as they woke at 10, I could have fed them then, sleep at 11.30 and then feed at 1. I know they are going to wake soon (theyre stirring) and then ill have to make them wait it out till 2 for a feed whereas if I was on 7-7 I could feed them at 1. Just wondering if, by moving their feed times, theyll keep their nap times the same??
  • I have brilliant stretches at night (between 8-11 hours!) but she refuses to sleep before midnight so I'm hoping for a better daytime routine to see if she will sleep earlier!

    Might order the book and we can help each other.

  • May be a silly question but what is EASY? sounds like it may be of use for settling my LO
  • Wow - I like the sound of the EASY routine. Can anyone explain the basic principles of how it works? I definately would like to give it a try xx
  • The basic principle is that you work to EASY

    E = Eat
    A = Awake time (from waking, including feeding and changing etc)
    S = Sleep
    Y = you time!!

    Its suggested as a good way to get babies eating and sleeping during the day as the more a baby sleeps during the day the better they sleep at night (until 6 months apparantly)

    There is lots of help and ideas on the Baby Whisperer website.
  • Hey Gem!

    I too have decided to implement this with H from Monday. I've ordered the book and its being delivered Monday.

    He sleeps fine at night but I struggle with daytime naps which makes him tired and grouchy - and then makes feeding a chore as he can't stay awake. Let me know how you get on.

    K xxx
  • I cant reccomend this enough i did it with my lo from day one and he was awake 2 hours and slept 2 hours, it worked really well.

  • Well, even though the boys are really poorly with a horrid cough and cold, today has gone really well.

    SW - Exactly the reason I started. The boys always cat napped in bouncy chairs and never really slept properly and were over tired and I think this may have been why they wake so often at night.

    We'll see tonight!

    Im also keeping a chart for each baby so I can see what they do (not strictly on EASY yet, although they loosely follow this anyway). I want to see what their normal day would be, with me roughly following EASY. They have slept well today so going to see if this makes a difference.

    Also, put them to sleep in their cot today for the first time, and they slept properly xxx
  • Just wanted to quickly say that Allannah was similar, only sleeping in cat naps in her bouncer. I tried EASY very loosely and after 3 days she was sleeping through the night and went for 3 naps during the day all in her cot. This started when she was about 12 weeks and she is now just past 4 months and it has stuck every day. Fingers crossed for you!
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