Taking baby to groups & naps??

Hi mummies
My DD is 9 weeks and from January we'll be starting to go to baby groups (I'd just missed out on the current ones) but I wondered what do you do about the baby's afternoon nap??
Sorry if it sounds a bit daft, I'm just thinking ahead!!!
One of the classes I want to go to is from 1.15 - 3pm but this is when she has her long sleep up in her cot.
So do I just not go??

Thanks image xxx


  • We have a similar problem, Abby goes to playgroup from 9.30 until 12.00 - but this is right over her nap time, we just wing it on those days. Sometimes she has a quick 10 minutes in her buggy, but I just give her a longer nap in the afternoon to make up for it.

    You should definately go - you'll both have fun!
  • I take Izzy with James to playgroup on a Thurs, I think she has slept in her car seat every week since we first went when she was 2 days old!! xx
  • if i go to a group they all seem to be at ds nap times! grrr! but we were going anyway and 9/10 ds wld just be happy playing and socialising and then wld sleep in the push chair on the walk home, on the rare occasion he did get tired out we wld just leave early. i wldn't not go as i've found that all groups seem to be at a nap or meal time etc so otherwise u'ld never be able to go, also a few more weeks and the routine will probably shift slightly anway so might not make any problems in the long run xx
  • Thanks ladies - i know, would be a shame not to go just because of her sleep plus i'm really looking forward to them!!! She'll just sleep in her carrycot if need be, gives me more time to chatter image
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