Anyone using Citalopram?

I've just been to the dr's this morning and been prescribed Citalopram for PND - I went intending to ask about counselling or other options as I wasn't keen on antid's but when the dr suggested I low dose I relented. When I got home I felt worse for having agreed and now having read the leaflet with all the side effects and withdraw effects I'm concerned about taking the drug. Also dr says I'm likely to be on them for 6 months and you can't drink alcohol whilst taking them - I'm not fussed about having big boozy nights but I do like having a cider or two occasionally and not sure I want the restriction

Has anyone got any experience of citalopram?


  • Not personally, but i would definatly go back and perhaps see if you could talk to a CPN (comunity psych nurse). Perhaps say that you would like to use it WITH somesort of councelling. In my opinion (i work in Mentalj health services) medication is very useful in alot of cases, but in most it is best used along side a talking or active therapy. Its a bit like putting a plaster over a gushing wound - it will only last until you take it off or need another plaster... it doesnt actually fix the problem forever. This is not always the case, some people just use meds and thats fine, this is just MY OPINION and experince!

    Good luck, you are very brave to seek help - well done!

    Em x

  • Hi DM I was on Citalopram for about 5 years before falling pregnant, and I drank on it!! I think it just makes you get drunk quicker to be honest. But the odd glass or 2 of cider will be fine hun.

    I really liked citalopram as I found it to be non addictive unlike a lot of anti d's. Due to my bi polar I was often on other meds as well and this was the only one that did not give me side effects.

    I was allowed to change my dosage as well going from 30mg-60mg depending on my moods and if I was low and increased my dose it always seemed to kick in quickly.

    I know its not nice to have to take medication but I really can recommend this tablet as it really did make my life easier, and that of my families.

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi DM,
    I've been on Citalopram for the last few months for PND. I haven't had any side effects and I have had the occasional glass of wine- so I don't think it hurts. I've been having a really tough few days and have been to the doctors this morning and she has doubled my dose as I seemed to be getting worse (think I've hit rock bottom). I saw the CPN but didn't find her very useful- in fact I felt worse because she didn't know much about PND. Today though my doctor has given me some information about local councellors that maybe able to help. I am also going to the hospital on 30th Sept to see the Delivery Suite Manager to talk through my Labour and Birth as it was very traumatic for me.

    I hope you start to feel better soon

    Kim x
  • Hi D
    I am on this now for PND, 20mg and was on it in the past for a more serious bout of depression - I did have nights out on it, in moderation, and can't say I really noticed any difference -I'm going to a hen night in a few weeks, my first night out since the birth (mum looking after baby- oooh not sure I can let her!) and Im damn sure I'll be having a few vinos! Dont worry chick, there's no shame in it and it is important that you get help if you're feeling rubbish. I also work in mental health, and I agree though that if antid's don't lift your mood it would be worth thinking about counselling to talk through your birth etc I am thinking about this too.
  • Hi girls thanks for sharing your experiences - I've taken my 1st dose I'm to see the dr again in 2 weeks so I figure if there's no real difference by then I'll see what else can be done. I've had counselling previously the first time it was useless but the second time it helped alot.

    Tennison it's tough leaving bubs with parents but you'll feel better for it and will enjoy your cuddles all the more the next day!
  • hi , I ws on escitalopram for about 7months and only just stopped them- went to dr today to get restarted and also got a positive pregnancy result!!!!!! dr told me I could still go onthem, but I decided not too. think it all depends on you personally- It depends on how you would function without them compared to how you would function withthem! good luck
    Love Meerkat
  • p.s i drank all the time with them and was ok- however rememeber that alcohol is a deppressant !
  • I was on them for a few years but doc told me to come off them when i was ttc. I would def ask for details of a counsellor to speak to if thats what you want. When i went back to get the anti d's again cause long term ttc was really getting to me doc was very much against it and advised counselling can be just as effective. Oh and i did drink on them. They were also prescribed to my sil for pnd. Hope they help xx
  • Hi hun, I have been on them for about 5 months for PND and saw a counsellor which really helped. I drink wine with them and don't notice any difference so I wouldn;t worry !! Hope you feel better soon. S XX
  • I've been on them for a couple of months but I dont drink buti find that they are helping a lot xx
  • Hi hun, I'm not an expert, and I haven't ever taken them, but I think when tablets have an effect on the brain they put 'avoid alcohol' on them. If you check out your paracetamol instructions they have it on those too. I would take it easy, but I'm sure a glass or too won't do any harm.

  • It's good to hear that noones really suffered side effects - the leaflet makes pretty scary reading! I was prescribed the contraceptive patch too but having read the leaflet for that I may hang of a couple of weeks before stating it as one of the sound effects is depression - not feeling up to the deed anyway!

    Meerkat conratd hope you have a h&h pregnancy x
  • I was on it for about 18 months. I had teh odd drink with them and was always fine. Make sure you don't just stop taking them though (like fluppert here) - make sure you cut down gradually under medical advice.

    If you don't get on with them do go back and ask for an alternative, though, there are plenty you can try. Prozac is my personal 'upper' of choice, made me less spacey than some of the others, but Citalopram was probably the next best one. Listen to me, rating my antidepressants out of ten, I sound like some kind of Beverly Hills socialite.
  • Listen to me, rating my antidepressants out of ten, I sound like some kind of Beverly Hills socialite.

    Lol nice to know my drugs are near chart toppers! Having read the withdrawal symptoms I wouldn't fancy going coff them cold turkey. I've had a chat to hubby too saying how much I need his support (he kind of backed away when Aila was in SCBU and never really got back to doing feeds etc) and am now feeling bit more positive that thins will get better. I just feel silly that I feel depressed when I have a beautiful daughter that I waited such a long time for.

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