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first tooth!!!!!!!

my little one has been really grumbly the last week, really red checked and dribbly. today she has been chewing on my finger and i felt her first tooth. you can see it and everything!!! first of many.


  • That is fantastic honey, lucky you, eden still hasn't produced hers but she thinks mummys nipple is a great teething aid!!! Oh the joys of brestfeeding LOL!!
  • Susie, I was just going to post the same thing, my lo grab my finger at the weekend and put it straight in his mouth, and I felt the tooth, then when I looked in his mouth he has his 2 bottom teeth coming through, I'm so excited! Edensmum, all I can say is OWWWWWW!!!!x
  • Wow two teeth at once! Millie got her first tooth a couple of weeks ago but hasn't really bitten me yet (just a couple of very small nibbles). Touch wood, the idea doesn't seem to have occured to her yet.
  • Ooooohhh I'm so looking forward to Chloe getting her first tooth. She keeps sticking my finger in her mouth and chewing on it but nothing as yet, mind you her bite is really strong, she can do some damage just with her gums!
  • My daughter just got her bottom two teeth at the same time, she has just turned 6 months, how old are your little ones?
  • my daughter was 15 wks when she got her 1st 2 teeth, wee man is coming on 16 wks and he keeps biting my finger so dont think it will be to long before he gets his.
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