what are your baby's favourite books?

Hi there

I'm after some new books for my LO who is 9 months old. He loves books with flaps at the moment so he can look under the flaps. Board books are best as paper ones tend to get ripped. He seems a bit bored by the ones we've got (well i'm bored of them anyway!). Can you tell me your baby's favourites?

I'm also after some flash cards for words and numbers. Any recommendations?

Thanks ladies! x


  • Joseph has a couple of Spot books which have flaps, also an Usborne one called 'Animal Hide and Seek' which is touchy-feely as well. He also loves 'Baby Boo!' from the Amazing baby series and always kisses himself in the mirror at the end! For longer story type ones, Giraffes can't dance is great and so is Aliens love Underpants! (these both come in board book versions) and one of my fav books ever 'Lost and Found' - J likes the penguin in this one. HTH M x
  • Beth loves the 'That's not my Teddy/Monkey/Puppy/Dolly etc books. She has loads and always looks at them herself while I get everything ready for her bath.

    Hungry Caterpillar
    Goodnight Thumper (it's got a moon that lights up on it which I think is the main appeal)
    Then MIL got her some books with flaps which she loves.

    We've also got some sound books which she plays with lots. And also some Disney books which are quite education for when she is older. (Says things like Nemo is SMALLER than his Dad, Snow White has a RED ribbon in her hair etc etc etc)

  • The Usborne books are brilliant and my DD loves them, it's the "That's not my......." range and the have touchy feely things on each page.
    For bedtime we have a "Say goodnight to the sleepy animals" and that's another touch one.
  • I love baby/toddler books, and I am so pleased that lo has picked this up too! I am lurking in Baby, as my lo is 29 months, but he still likes some of the same books that he liked when he was younger.

    favourites are:
    Each Peach Pear Plum
    We're Going on a Bear Hunt
    Any of the Rod Campbell books like Buster's day, Oh Dear, Dear Zoo etc
    No Bed Without Ted
    Very Hungry Caterpillar/Very Busy Spider
    This is My Duck/Car/Kitten/Tractor (Usbourne niosy books)
    Noisy Animals (big Usbourne book)
    Tiger Who Came To Tea
    Paddington books
    Any of the Spot books
    Any of the Maisy books (there are some pop up books, also some small flap books and one massive flap book)

    I have loads more suggestions. Email me if you need more! I could go on for hours!
  • ds loves the 'thats not my..' books, which is a range by usbourne, also 'good night moon', 'the hungry caterpillar', 'the gruffallo', he's got loads of other books too like disney ones, a fifi one, collections ones like 'bedtime stories for toddlers' etc etc, other than those first few i've listed most of his books came from cvhairty shops or boot fairs, always loads of kids books there for about 10p each. xx
  • thanks that's great! I've ordered a few of the suggestions from amazon just now. Going to a boot sale in a few weeks so going to stock up on toys and books then too. xx
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