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teething early?

Hope this doesn't sound stupid but can a baby start teething as early as 7 weeks? Its just that Oscars gums are really white and feel really hard and he's been really dribbly over the last few days. Also he really bites down on his fist (what he attempts to get of his fist in his mouth! lol!) and is abit grumpy, I checked that he's not hungry when this happens so was wondering whether it could be the start of teething?:\(

Jen x x


  • Hello lovely Jen,

    It could be teething especially if you've checked he's not hungry etc. You could try rubbing bonjela on his gums, just a little bit. Joshua used to bite his fits just cos he could lol I thought he started teething about the same age and yet he didnt get his first tooth till he was 8 months! Sorry im not much help lovely...whenever joshua is poorly we always think he's teething lol bloody teething its a nightmare! xxx
  • Hey you!

    Thanks for the reply! I think I might try the bonjela, I take it its okay to use it this early on?

    Jen x x
  • Not sure about Bonjela but I know one of the teething gels is ok as Maddie was the same at that age but has only just got the tip of her first tooth break through a week ago and she is 8.5 months.
  • Hiya,

    Evie is 7wks old too and I can see her first teeth under her gums. They look like they're quite close to the surface but I guess only time will tell!! My friends little girl was born with a tooth! She's the same age as Evie and it looks so cute when she does a big smile!!

  • Hi hun,
    Ruby is exactly the same! She's 7 weeks too. I've been told to try Ambusol (i think thats what its called). I have never heard of it before but apparently its really good.
    I'm glad its not just Ruby! I thought it was way too early. Having said that my niece is only 14 weeks and her first tooth has already broken through! xx
  • Hi Jen,
    My LO started teething at 7 weeks and the first 2 teeth appeared together at exactly 4 months!
    I can reccommend the Nelson teething granules if you are looking to help ease the discomfort.....
  • Dentinox teething gel is ok from birth xx
  • Thanks girls!

    Will give the teething gel a go!

    Jen x x
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