And a girls bits are called what?


sorry if its odd but wondered what you called girl bits?

my boys are suddenly interested in there willy, (hv said we shd use theword penis but i dont know why but dont feel comfortable using it) neway, they point to people n say willy (v embarrising) but then they pointed to me and i wasnt surewhat to say, so basically what word do you use?



  • In our house we call them girly bits!! Don't know why, I just thought of it one day and thought it was as good a way of refering to them as any!!
  • Twinkle, Flower, Petal, Yoo Hoo,
    erm thats all i can think of. my oh says he calls it a Bejingo! haha! dont know if that ones much use to you!
    poor you, haha!
  • one of my friends call there bits 'The promise land' which i think is very strange!!! but then again i call mine a 'foo foo'
  • lol my grandma used to call it a twinkle then one dayshe told me i had a twinkle im my eye and i started sobbing, mum couldnt console me for ages!
  • Boys have a wink, girls have a dink!
  • waterbaby i call it a foo! lol. and brooke will call it a foo too. x
  • Hi
    My Hubby says Pleat and Front bum which I hate.

    I like Bedheads idea of girly bit.My daughter thinks she has a winkie as that is what my son calls his bits!!!
    When I was little we used to call it Polly but mum had to change it when I came across a bag of Pollyfiller and was really confused.
    Fairy is another one !!!
  • my dh thinks i shd call it a fanny, but that seems too rude, i like girly bits tho

    MLM you made me laugh

  • Just had this discussion with my mate as her son has come back from nursery announcing to everyone that he has a 'willy willy woo woo' lol. She's quite mortified!

    Personally I hate random made up names for things like this (no offence to all you who like to use random names) and i'll stick to bottom or bum and willy or penis and when lo is old enough to understand he can be taught that girls have a vagina or possibly just girly bits. Far as i remember when I was little, I was taught we just had bottoms and boys also had willys.

    I think its best to stick with names kids will recognise and not take the micky for but then I think i'm scarred for life as when I was small I used to call poo 'a brown' and my parents let me and when I said it at school noone knew what I was on about and I got picked on and laughed at for a bit.

    Do know someone that refers to girly bits as a fanjita though but I've no idea where she got that one from!
  • We call harri's lil man a willy. i call girly bits foo foo!! xxx
  • Amy just calls them her bits so I think we'll stick with that

    Hilary x
  • PMSL at these! It's called a noony in our house. Took my 3 year old son to nursery last week and he announced to anyone that would listen that him and daddy had big willies but mummy and Evie only had small noonies. Nice!
  • My lo is only 12 weeks so she doesnt call it anything. I call it a front bottom, twinkle, lady garden or vajayjay. Not sure what we will call it when she understands.

    My dhs family call it a toot toot.
  • We just say fairy or twinkle...

    Though for some reason my ex's mum taught my now 11 year old to call it her 'houses of parliment??' pmsl... in the bath she would natter on and you'd hear 'wash houses;!! heehee-can't wait to remind her of that one!!

    The boys have a pee pee in this house... though my son is now 9 and finds the word penis hilarious!!
  • We've started using 'lady bits' since Beth was born, it would feel weird to talk about her using any other word. Not that we sit around talking about her bits, lol! :lol: But if she's had a bit of nappy rash or something, if you see what I mean!
  • I'm with Kia; I don't like weird names for genitals! LOL. Things like Fairy and twinkle make me cringe, but I think it's just me being weird.
    We just call Gabe's a Willy as its fairly normal!

    If I had a girl I would probably use 'lady bits' or girly bits!xx
  • Oh calls it many things! A flange is one, Vile. A temple of joy is another. Again, vile. He does think its okay to call it a fanny to anyone and everyone (not that this is brought up in conversation regularly lmao) and thinks Harry should call it that too!

    Personally i think its rude but i don't know why. It just is. Im thinking of just "lady bits" or a "noo noo" or something. Hopefully this question will never arise image xxx
  • My ex's sister called it a tuppence-no idea why just assumed it was a Yorkshire thing!
  • Lol, I've heard of it being called a tuppence! Think it must be a yorkshire thing!

    I don't like wierd words like fairy and twinkle etc (sorry, don't mean to offend anyone!) we just call Lily's her bum!

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