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how do u use Colief?

Hi there

I have read it but just wondered how do i do it?? do i wait until half an hour before she is due for her bottle to put drops in??? bit confused in how to use it as i never use it before and i have been recommened it by someone in this room and sorry i cannot remember her name!!

Any advice would help

Many thanks
Cheriste xxxxxxxxx :?


  • i think it takes half hour to break down the lactose in the milk, so you put it in atleast half hour before. but its got to be warm when you do it. i found it such a pain to use.
  • i think i used this and just put a few drops in the bottle when i was about to feed it, and it worked!
  • You are supposed to put it into warm milk roughly half an hour before feeding. This gives it time to break down the lactose in the milk. I know it means you have to be slightly more organised than normal but the benefits ofter far outweigh the inconvenience of using it. I When babies are very young anyway, you tend to know exactly when they will be due a feed so it is easier to do.
  • Just wondered what formula your using as Im using Cow and Gate Comfort and HV told me not to use colief with it but you can use infacol
  • I hated using Colief due to the 'wait half hour' thing. I much prefer Infacol as lo doesn't have to wait for her feed. Also, when I used Colief Morgana went from having a dirty nappy a few times a day to one every 2-3 days. This changed back to normal after I stopped using it.
  • Philip went the other way with dirty nappies, he goes more often (couple of times a day) and at regular times. it is a pain but we tried infacol, gripe water, dentinox colic drops and colief is the only thing that works. NOw he is completely bottle i know when he is due a feed, sometimes he confuses things by going longer or wanting it sooner though. I don't give him drops in his munchies bottle (which is 5am) as he wakes, feeds, and falls asleep pretty quickly and no way am i getting up at 4.30 to put drops in when he might sleep through till 7am.
  • The only thing that bothered me is Keira dont like her bottle cold and ur not suppose to warm it up after that arent ya? i mean half an hour is not gonna sort her out as she does like it warm!!

    i am now changing my mind about this stuff but then again i do need it for her, as for weaning her off it sounds like she can get hooked to it which is what i dont want

    Any idea of how to sort it out

    many thanks
    Cheriste and Keira xxxxxxxxxx
  • I pop philip's bottle back in hot water for a minute just before i feed it him, although i'm lucky he will take it cold, will no obvious ill effect.

    As for weaning off it, the pharmacist told me that basically it helps baby by breaking down the lactase ( or lactose, can't remember which way round it is!) so baby doesn't need (or can't) produce enough lactose or lactase, by reducing the drops slowly baby is able to up production themselves but if you suddenly stop it the producytion is too low, a bit like going cold turkey!!

    Hope that ramble makes sense, baby brain has taken over from pregnancy brain!!
  • i just purchased colief - and i was told by friends who have used it that i could do the following:

    boil water in kettle - after 30mins add water to bottles, then add milk powder being sma gold then add 2 drop of colief to each bottle - then place these in cool water then place in fridge.

    then when baby is ready to have feed take bottle from fridge and place in warm water to bring to temp that baby requires.

    just wondered if anyone else does it this way?
  • thank you very much for the reply - its is appreciated and eases some worry i had!
  • Hi, our baby is 5 weeks and colief has been a life saver for us! So i really dont mind the 30 mins wait before each feed, just means ive to be a bit more organised which is no bad thing.. I would premake my formula for night feeds, i make them up as normal but with only 2 drops of colief then pop in fridge for a minimum of 4 hour but no longer than 12 hours as per instructions provided... 

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