i failed! :0(

wel i put harri to bed at half 8 again last night he took a while to settle but eventually went off, went to give him a dream feed at half 10 but he was fast asleep and i couldnt get him to take it even tried waking him up but he just fell asleep again, after 15 mins of trying to feed him i let him sleep and thought maybe he would go threw til his normal time of 3am at which time he could have his horrible weak formular to settle him......no such luck he was awake at 12ish and managed to get him back off tillm half 1, but then just couldnt settle him with the weak formular he just kept on and on so at half 3 i gave in and fed him, he was obviously really hungry and i feel such a failure but i was getting so tired and my temper was fraying! I feel rubbish now orher mums can do it so why cant i!? if he'd have taken his dream feed he would of been alot better. Why wont he eat in his sleep? xxx


  • hiya, you didnt fail.
    and i couldnt cope with it when we were going through this stage with ollie - he'd go to bed fine but wake up every couple of hours. In the end we just started going in and lying him back down and ltting him cry... it took 5 nights before he got the idea, but now he doesnt wake up at all until morning (he is a very early riser now tho :roll: )

    but the first couple of times i had to leave the house because i couldt cope listening to him, so i took the dog for a walk while my hubby saw to ollie. image

    So it didnt work last night, maybe try again tonight or the next night?

    it is a difficult thing to do.
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