I couldn't believe it. Aaron has taken Harry out for the morning to buy me a mummys day present. I've just had a phonecall from OH's younger brother asking if i want to put some money towards the present for their mum (what???), so i asked what they're getting her.

A BLOODY NINTENDO DS LITE AND GAMES. :x I'm fuming. Firstly Aaron would never ever buy something so expensive for me - he never has. Secondly we're supposed to be saving as much money as possible so we can afford to live when we move out, and thirdly what a F***ING smack in the face!

And i guarentee there will be a lot of bragging going on from MIL when she see's the DS compared to whatever i get.

Is it too much to ask to NOT spend hundreds of pounds when we have things that are more important to buy? Like fixing OH's car so he can go to work? Or the tax? Or the insurance? Which i'll probably have to pay for myself AGAIN. For the third year in a row. Despite the fact that i only get my measly benifits which i need to pay for food and nappies???

Raaaaaaaargghhh! :x:x:x


  • so no imagination gone in there, theyve seen an advert on the telly!!!

    shell get over the fun of it in about two weeks hun, where you can treasure whatever your little one gets you for a long time. ive still got the cards they make for me at school xx
  • I hoped you told him to contact your oh as it wasn't up to you to contribute towards a mothers day present for his mum!! x
  • I'd say 'no thanks I think expensive gifts are tacky' & then I'd get her a bunch of daffs like every other sane person.
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