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Hi everyone. Recently I've started to notice that my lo prefers me to his daddy. Now I'm sure you'll think this maybe normal but my lo doesn't even like sitting in a room with him. He'll follow me if I walk out the room and cry at the door. At bedtime my hubby lays with him to settle him if I'm busy but he'll sit up and stare at the door waiting for me. If my lo sees something he likes he looks around at me for reassurance or like a "mummy did you see that!" But never looks at daddy. My lo is independent at baby groups and around other family members but at times it seems it doesn't matter what daddy does, he wants me. He'll play with him a bit if I'm not there but if I am then its all me. To be honest I'm the one who feeds, changes, plays, well everything really with my lo. My hubby says he likes babies when they're a bit older because he doesn't really know what to do with them when they are little. Both of them depend on me a lot. If I decide to have a lay in and them two are up they won't have breakfast?? I know this would be up to hubby, but he says he'd rather wait till I make it. I said you might be able to wait but lo can't! So our life revolves around me keeping it going. (tiring!) But my point was do you think they'll still have a close bond when lo grows up? (apart from the obvious father son bond) and if I'm with my lo most of the day should my hubby be doing more housework??


  • just wanted to say im in similar situation. think my lo is suffering from seperation anxiety. she adores her daddy and when he comes home from work she has always played with him but now she wants to be with me all the time. as soon as i leave room she cries if i pick her up and try to give her to her dad she clings to me. if she gets distracted enough she is fine. and ive started now when i leave for work saying bye and making her wave to me rather than sneaking off as i dont want her to think im not coming back. my lo is nearly one and im at home with her all day i only work saturdays so its only natural. dont be too harsh on your oh my oh looks gutted sometimes when she doesnt want to go to him, try to encourage lots of play between them and my oh always baths her and puts her to bed im too soft and end up picking her up so he is better at it. as for housework i cant get anything done in day so i do it at bed time or just after tea its difficult and nothing gets done thoroughly any more but i dont expect him to clean just a bit of tidying and dishwasher at end of night.
  • Hiya. Riley was like this as well to the point of crying when Daddy came home and wanted a cuddle. But now they spend a couple of hours together in the morning playing etc if he's off, and they have a fantastic relationship. It has really made a difference. The part about your hubby "rather waiting till you make breakfast" made me laugh, lol. Wouldnt we all rather wait for someone else to cook?! xxx
  • My lo loves playing with daddy, but when he's ill or wants settling down, only mummy will do! He also cries when I go out the room and he doesn't do that with anyone else.

    He likes nanny better then either of us!

    I think as kids get older, they all seem to prefer their dads. Not sure why? Think it's cos they are 'funnier' as a general rule and mummies are always busy cooking and cleaning!!!! (stereotype, but certainly true in our house, and yours as well by the sounds of it!) My exs mum is a childminder & all the kids she's had (mainly toddlers/pre-schoolers) get so excited when their dads pick them up and give them a cuddle, but never bother about their mums!

  • zacky has always been more for his dad but I put that down to the fact that he sees his dad less often as he works shifts. But take him to his nans and none of us get a lookin as he is all grandad.
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