Please teach your children to swim

I have deleted my original post just in case it comes across as being insensitive.


But would still like to encourage everyone to teach their children to swim xxx

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  • Oh that's so sad. I don't know how anyone could ever come to terms with the loss of a child, especially in such tragic circumstances.
  • Oh is this the chap who died in East Anglia? Daniel Reed? My friend knew him :cry:

    My kids will never paddle alone in the sea until theyre at least 16. Seriously.

  • Yes its him - still really upset about it! I would just love something positive to come from it.
  • Gosh how very sad for you. I think something like that would take a lot of coming to terms with.

    I am teaching all of mine to swim but, although I love the sea, it scares me a lot. It is powerful and unpredictable and needs to be treated with the greatest respect......

  • It is very important to be able to swim!!

    I dont think your original post was insensitive, just the background to why you posted in the first place.


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