I Want This


i would need 3 charms so it bumps the price up but i have a 20% discount code and it would be so amazing to have there fingerprints on charms and to have them close to me at all times,what do you think ladies
to buy or not to buy,that is the question :lol:



  • Buy it! But have a look at www.tinytreasures.co.uk first. I had a charm done from them for Xmas, it has Millie's print on one side and Barney's on the other. It's absolutely gorgeous, really nice quality and quite chunky. My sil had a similar thing from someone else (sorry, don't know who) and it wasn't as nice. Definately get it though, I love mine.
  • will have a look at that website later,might also hint at OH seeing its mothersday very soon,bet he doesnt take the hint though! :lol: if any of you want the discount code its


  • I think its really pretty hon. I'd definatly get it image

  • wow, these are gorgeous, i want one!
  • Definately get one, they are lovely & such a beautiful momento!
    S x
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