FAO the girl who was worried about her nephew

I can't find the thread but just wondering what you decided to do about your sister and your concerns that her OH might be hurting or frightening your nephew.

Hope you see this, been thinking about you and him lots and worrying!

Hope everything ok....


  • hi, spoke to sis, she has settled my mind nothing is going off, she can see where im coming from coz of the nasty things he has done... he has been sleepin in his room fine now but the other day me my sis and my mumwas out as we were walking back to sis house, he turned and said to my mum, i dont wnat to go home, she asked why and he said coz I said there was a nasty man in his room!!! so i now know for sure hes lieing coz iv NEVER said that, he must have some kind of promblems for his behavouir to have changed loads these past few weeks

    also yesterday my sis and her hubby took him shopping and they treated him to a mac ds which is a big traet as he only eats healthy foods..anyway half way through eating it. he got mardy coz my sis wouldent get him a mac flurry so he chucked his drink on her!!! its really not like him at all, he also called someone a fatty on the bus! she doesnt know what to do for the best with him at the minite... she can only think that hes been acting diffrenttly since she told him tht her and hubby where going to try for a baby? but other then tht he is ok, we go nerly everyday and he is ok, he doenst seem afraid of his dad when i see them together, altho i still dont trust him and he knows it! thanks for thinking of us hun xxx
  • REally relieved, I was worried when I read your post...
    I wish i could offer some advice re the behaviour issues though!
    Hope everything stays ok and thanks for responding!
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