Cough medicine scare

Can I not give Txylix to Tyler now?? Hes got a terrible cough and simple linctus is a load of crap!

What are the ages/medicines that have been banned???????????


  • Tyler is 9 months btw xx
  • Wasn't it Medsied that caused the scare? With the idea that if you give a baby medicine that makes them drowsy, they wont wake and alert if you if they get worse or have a high temp during the night?
  • Think everyone's being overly cautious about medicating kids nowadays. But I'm sure my local chemist still has over the counter cough medicine for 3 months plus, so you should be fine.

    Highjacking slightly, does anyone know if they've changed the medised and calpol night ages again? Went to get some for my friends little girl (who's 2 1/2) and they wouldn't sell it to me as apparently you can't give either to anyone under 6 now. I hadn't heard anything about this change, and am worried they were fobbing me off cuz I had my 5 month old with me and perhaps they thought I'd be dosing him with it?
  • Calpol night was one of the medicines you can't give to under 6's now. Not sure about medised but that has probably changed as well.
    What will they "scare" us with next week?
    Can't we just be left to enjoy being parents instead of being bombarded with scare stories.
    Yes, I know they do it for a reason but with adults they say one thing one week then another thing the next week?!
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