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Hi, as we are away quite a lot (trying to relocate to another part if the country so a lot of travelling at the mo!) Neve tends to have more ready made food than I would ideally like. We currently use Plum baby and she has grown out of Ella's kitchen so I wondered if any of you guys can recommend some really good organic ready made food I can give her. She tends to refuse food from a glass jar (god knows why - smell maybe?)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


  • How old is she? Millie used to like the Hipp organic microwaveable meals but I'm not sure what age they are suitable from.
  • She is almost 6 months but is eating proteins so will have a look, thanks
  • hiya i also used hipp organic prim really loved them and there was such alot of variety!xx
  • larger tesco & asda stores do a better range of HIPP organic foods - they have all types of names - Biscottes etc but to get any sort of balanced diet, they are still jars! are you in a position to put homemade food in a cool bag, on an ice block etc, then submerge in a flask of hot water when she needs it?
    is she having finger food? could she have fruit etc when travelling, until you are able to feed her a meal? the other recommendations would be fruit pots - Organix do some brill ones of these, and then organic biscuits (Heinz Biscotti, HIPP again)
    sorry, tho'! other than that .........!!

    where can i find Ella's kitchen tho'? 3 kids down the line, and i've never heard of it! is it only til a certain age tho'?
  • Thanks Ollier2001, you can get Ella's kitchen in Boots, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury's. Its a bit limited in choice but as we started weaning at 17wks it was perfect as very simple.

    I think I am going to have to make a couple of batches of food up at my sisters in Devon and keep it in her freezer, at least that way I can vary it a bit more.
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