I'm Back!!

hey girls!! well after all the sickness and stress, i'm finally back! JJ is almost 100% again yay!! i have totally lost all faith in doctors and even my HV was shocked at how badly we were treated (for those who dont know i was given different advice by different doctors and they all told me to ignore the doctor before etc)! JJ lost 5 weeks worth of weight which was quite a shock but obv we know why so it's ok, he's dropped a centile too! But anyway yay all is good and i'm back!! got lots of catching up to do!! everyone ok?

ooo and i finally caught the tooth on camera yay!!




  • Glad to see you back and hear you're all doing well and feeling better.
    Look at that tooth ! S x
  • hey,

    It's good to hear that he's better now, he'll soon catch up with the weight!

    Louise has 2 teeth, they 'popped up' within a week of eachother. and she's worked out how to crawl......

  • Awwww loving the tooth photo what a little cutie!! So glad you're all ok and getting back on track. It is suprising how much weight they can lose in a short time but in the same way he'll pile it back on again just as quickly! Take care and glad you're feeling better xx
  • glad hes better, a right little cutie!! xx
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