Had to cancel the rest of christmas sob sob - UPDATE!!!

I am sat here crying!!

The joint of beef is ready, the potatoes are done but I have had to cancel christmas dinner because my OH and eldest boys have come down with sickness and diarrhoea since mid-day!!

Just me and a bowl of roasties while they are in bed and hopefully I can salvage the joint and uncooked veg and use it tomorrow.

Am just hoping me and Tommy don't get it now.

Oh well, guess I'll have to go and play with their toys or sit on here all day.

I really hope you are all having a good one as I would hate to think anyone else feels like I do right now.

Love Lee


Just to let you know - I salvaged the meat and veg so we managed to have a lovely dinner this evening!

Also to make it even better while we were eating it Tommy did his first rollover!!! At last my lazy baby moved - WOOP WOOP!!!!

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  • Lee
    oh no i bet you running around trying sort them all out . you take hun and hope you and tommy do not end up getting it sending big hugs to you all and hope they are feeling better soon
  • oh sweetie, i'm so sorry to hear that ur havin a bad time of things!! this is what usually happens to us every year, and it's usually oh that suffers, so i know exactly how ur feeling!!! hoping that ur boxing day is much better and that you and lo don't suffer!!!! ((((HUGS)))) xx
  • aw honey - so sorry you're day turned out so crap you poor love. Hope they'tr all feeling much better and they enjoy their pressies and their dinner today.

    Big hugs to you (don't let them breathe on you!)xx
  • hoping every is feeling better .my ol was ill yesterday for his first christmand wouldt even look at his new toys. but he seems a lot better today hes playing with his sister and hopfully will eat the christmas dinner we saved him later
  • Ohhh, hope they feel better toda and you haven't got it now.
  • Aww hun!! Hope that they feel better today and you managed to get your lunch even if it was a day late.
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