nateral nappies anyone used them?

Has anyone used those natural nappies with the feathers one them. I bought i big pack and i think they are rubbish just wondered if anyone else had boughtn them? I cant use them!! Would anyone like them i have about 32 left? xxx


  • If you mean the Naturecare nappies I don't like them either - I found they were not very soft and left rub marks on Neve's skin. The nappy bags and wipes are very good though.
  • they just had no give in them and i couldnt get them to line up right they were very wierd! had bits sticking out everywere! lol
  • Oh, that's a shame. I got on with them (nature babycare) really well. There are a few other eco-friendly makes out there i think??
    I think everyone's got their own preference when it comes to nappies cos i suppose we and our LOs are all different.
  • yes definatley! ill just stick with pampers they seem to do harri well as he has never had a spot on his bum so im pleased with them. I thought huggies were terrible too couldnt be doing with them xx
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