another controlled crying question

i ahve tried so many things to help my son sleep and he is now 7 months and screaming head off not wanting to go bed and cries till picked up, so i have started cc. first night last night and took 30 mins. i have a few questions .does it always have to be me putting him down,can my oh do it? also after night feed is it ok to do?

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  • To be honest, and rather blunt, he doesn't need a night feed at 7 months so I'd use cc to try and get rid of it. But that is just me. So you could use it after a night feed - just warn your neighbours :lol:

    I've not had to use cc myself but I know people who've alternated between themselves and their oh's going in, but I'd try and keep the same thing each time while he's still getting used to it - so either both of you, or just you, or just him for a week or so.

    I have to say 30 minutes is really good for a first try, from what I've heard, so well done!
  • 30 mins is good!
    I personally kept it consistent and always went in and yes, it is absolutely fine after a night feed ( I fed my lo 3 hourly until 9 months). In fact after a while, that was the only time I had to do it!.
    My oh has done it on occasion though where I have been just too tired! When I was trying to give up brestfeeding through the night, my hv told me to ONLY send my oh in so that she would get to realise the milk was not coming!
    She stopped breasfeeding altogether by herself at 9 months and then started sleeping through!
  • he doesnt always need night feed but sometimes he does as he doenst take enough in day, so i dont mind doing that. today it took ten mins for nap,and he didnt cry. we woke at 2330, had bottle and went down by self right away,so its was no prob. it will always be me putting him down apart from sat if he wakes in night as that usually oh so i can have night off! oh usually likes to put him down for night but i said only if he sees him for bit first as if he sees him come in from work then puts him down thats unfair and may cause distraction anyway. so we decided that OH bath him and i put him down. so he can put down for nap on weekend if wants and i do the rest anyway. my friend said it should always be me but i feel it should be fine both of us as its alot of pressure on me otherwise
  • at waht point do you increase time out the room im doing 5 mins at mo
  • I never went back in hun!
    It would make her worse as she would start all over again if I went in.
    I only ever went in if I thought there was something wrong.
  • oh ok, well i go in after 5 mins otherwise he gets worse if i leavbe to long but i want ti increase time
  • Maybe try increasing it by a few minutes each time then and see how that goes.
  • the baby sleep system recommends checking every 5 mins for 15 mins, then every 10 mins for 30 mins and then every 15 mins until your lo has settled. hope this helps xxx
  • Hi,
    Like marathon bar, we check everything is okay with Lily, and is there is nothing wrong we generally leave her be as long as she doesn't get herself too wound up as she normally goes back to sleep fairly quickly. Going in to see her every 5 mins just seems to wind her up even more! However, there are occassions where she gets herself very would up, then we have to go in and calm her down and start again. We were just very adament from the beginning that we didn't want her to learn that if she cried in the night we would go straight in and see her.

    Clare x
  • well 5 mins seems to work well i must admit, but i may increase soon
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