What age did you take your lo swimming?

Hi everyone

I'm going to Centre parcs in a few weeks and my lo will be 6 weeks old. I've been trying to work out if I can take him swimming or not. Half the things I read say you can take them at any age regardless of whether they've had their injections yet and the other half says you need to wait until they've had them. I'm confused!!!! What did you do?



  • I didnt take the boys till they were 4 months, although the only reason is that I needed someone to come with me and people panic when you ask them to take one of your newborn twins swimming! lol! Had to wait till hubby was off so we could go together.

    However, my sisters little boy was 8 weeks and hadnt had any of his injections. She asked the HV who said not to worry as many of the infections arent easy to catch anymore, and its not like youre going to dunk their heads in the water or make them drink it!

    Have fun - My boys absolutely LOVE swimming and I would love to take them more often xxx
  • you dont need to wait for their injections anymore to take them swimming. just dont stay in the water for too long
  • I think that they used to advise that you wait till after jabs, but the current advice is that you can take them from birth. My lo was about 4 weeks I think, we got a little wet suit for her to keep her warm in and out of the water. I also dunked her!
  • It's my understanding that you can take them as soon as you feel up to it and have stopped bleeding etc. I've heard that there's no need to wait for jabs as anything that might be caught in the water (and it is a low risk) isn't anything the jabs protect against anyway.
    Attempted to take my dd today at 11 weeks, but she's got a cold and is a bit sicky with it so changed my mind - we just watched her big brother instead.
    A little baby won't want long in the water, only maybe 15 minutes or so - but actually if your going to CP anyway, that's probably a nice environment to start her in, as the area around the pool is so warm, you'll be able to sit at the edge with baby too, and maybe take them in and out of the water a few times. They have cots too you can lie them in, just take your own towel to lie them on.
  • Thanks for all your replies. My next question is how long does it take for stitches to heal? I had a 3rd degree tear two weeks ago and obviously won't be able to go until I am completely healed. Does anyone know?

    Also can anyone recommend where to buy one of the wetsuits?


  • Hi,

    I took LO at 8 weeks, he was fine. We've been every week since then.

    I had a 2nd degree tear and was healed by 6 weeks - onviously fine by 8 weeks for swimming!

    Good luck, we are going to Center Parcs next week!

    K xx
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