anyone know anyjthing about ketones (on breath)

strange question i know but when i went through some crazy dieting days where you restricted various food groups from your diet i would get a gluey nailvarnish type smell on my breath which i was told was ketones. Now i am having a nightmare with daisy at night again and last night i noticed whilst trying to restrain her she had this same odour coming from her breath ive noticed it before and today i mentioned it to peadeatrician as we went back about her reflux and he sent her for some blood tests (horrific i have to say) well ive just googled it and it mentioned diabeties. Just wondered if anyone had any experience of diabities on babies. I dont for one minute thikk she got it although she does drink loads and loads?? or does anyone else notice this smell?


  • I did the Lighter Life diet last year, a few months before I got married. It worked well and I lost tonnes but of course, after the wedding, I didn't stick to it so put the weight back on :roll:

    Anyway, because the diet was no food - it was meal replacement shakes & soups (full of your 100% RDA of the vitamins etc... your body needs) you did get ketones that came out of your body as stinky breath image - but this was good on the diet, it proved you were following it correctly!

    Anyway, skipping forward to recently... at a check - up with my Dr, my urine showed ketones and the Doctor said this was because I'd not eaten enough that day and / or I was dehydrated.

    Don't want to worry you (or offend you by saying your LO is hungry / dehydrated), but maybe see the Dr?

    But hope this helps a little bit xxxxx
  • Ketones was all to do with the Atkins Diet wasnt it (and yes I managed for about 2 weeks but there was only so much bacon and eggs even I could eat).

    Maybe it you look at their website it might tell you more about them hon!
  • Hi Westbrom. My daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes at the end of November and I was told that Ketones can smell your breath as well. Before she was diagnosed my MIL noticed a smell on her breath. Kara is Type 1 Diabetes and is on Insulin injections twice a day but is adapting brilliant. Kara drunk lots and lots as well before she was diagnosed. The way we found out was because she had a viral infection and was really sick and took really bad and sleepy. The GP sent us to the hospital as a precaution to get her checked and then the hospital took blood tests and ketone tests and this was then found out.

    If you want to know anything else then just ask but I am sure your lo is fine. It is probably nothing.
  • thanks for replys wow louise bless kara having injections twice a day. She is gorgoues and if it does turn out to be this i will be hounding you for information so thankyou. and Joo yes i have mentioned it to daisys peadeatrician and he did some blood tests on friday . Will know in few weeks was just intereseted if anyone knew anything about it xx
  • No bother Westbrom. I hope your lo is fine and it is nothing. The photo on my avatar is Kara on her 1st birthday in Sept but she has lost a bit of weight since then due to the Diabetes. If you need anything feel free to ask and I will help you in anything I can.
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