i am at my wits end (tmi)

I had my daughter 11 weeks ago and i have been having problems down below.
First of all i had an infection when she was 3 weeks old took tablets and it went but i still havnt had a clear day i have spotting every day sometimes brown but most of the time red!! I have been to the docs nummerous times and each time i get fobbed off saying it will go away but the worst thing about it is it smells really bad and i have had constant stomach ache for around 9 days.
I had more swobs done last time i went and they came back clear no infection so i am going back tomorrow and really hope something will be done about it!! i was just wondering if anyone has been through the same as me?

Thanks amie x x x


  • Crumbs - 11 wks is a long time to still be bleeding, surely they should send you for a scan to check there is nothing left in your womb (occasionally a bit of placenta stays & would cause bleeding).
  • I agree with Camlo - 11 weeks is a long time to bleed. Go back to you docs and tell them you think you have got 'retained placenta' and would like a scan. Let us know how you get on chick xx xx
  • well have been to docs today and they are sending me for a scan ive got to wait for it through the post but at least they are doing something about it now!! hopefully in a few weeks i will be back to normal, well as normal as i get anyway lol x x
  • aw i'm glad they are finally doing something about it, that is shocking for them to just fob you off like that! I hope all is well, x
  • Good - glad you are being seen!!!
    I can only sympathise as I have had 10 wks bleed after a misc & am currently about 3 months into a bleed following having a coil fitting.... totally draining...
  • glad they are giving you a scan. keep us posted hun xx xx
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