any glasgow mums??advice??

How did you decide what hospital to have your baby in?I dont know whether to choose the royal infirmary or the queen margaret?any advice on both would be great.

Jstar (from pregnancy forum)


  • Hi, I can't help specificaly, I'm Edinburgh based. But what is it about the 2 hosps that you like or dislike. What is most important to you ? I was at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and it was good, not like a lot of horror stories I had heard at all.
    Good luck with the baby, always nice to have another Scottish mum, there are only a few of us. S x
  • i have only got personal experience of Paisley RAH , had to go ther as i was induced at 11 days late, lovely unit, modern clean, good food!!! some staff great others not so, definately rate the scbu nurses, they were lovely and very reasuring.
    I had wanted to go to Vale of Leven Midwife led unit but couldn't because of induction BBooo!!
    Regards to Queen mums have heard very mixed opinions, some good some realy not good. I personaly don't like the building, very old ( i was born there nearly 29 years ago and my mum says it hasn't changed much and i know it has nothing to do with the care you get but how you feel in your environment is quite important when doing something like giving birth.
    A couple of girls from my aqua natal class had their lo in Queen Margartes and said it was lovely, would go back for next baby.
    Don't know about royal infirmary but all i can suggest is go along for a tour and see what feeling s you get for them. Hoe what ever dcision you make is the right one for you and you have a good birth experience, take care love fiona and Hayden 21 weks
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