morning all

just wondering what everyone is keeping from these precious days?

i have a big box that Graces first ragdoll came in and its filled with all ber cards from birth, christening cards, first dummy, coming home outfit, hat

what you all keeping?



  • I got a box from M&S and got all her cards in from birth, Xmas, birthday. Plus id tags from hospital, scan piccies. Plus locks of her hair from her 1st haircut as she has quite a bit. From looks of your piccie your lo has lots of hair too!!!
  • Hi,
    I have a box which had gifts from a Mum from school gave Alfie. I've put all his welcome to the world type cards, the babygrow he was born in (that doesn't sound right but you know what I mean!), all his tags from hospital, newspaper from the day he arrived, first Christmas cards and tags from gifts, little balloon that someone bought us for coming home. I will have to get another one I think as it's getting really full!
    Also started a photo album step Mum gave us which I love adding to! Like the first dummy idea! x
  • oh you would not believe the hair on her! people are amazed, that pic does not do it justice!!!
    we took her for a haircut at 6 monhs.

    oh my box has scan pics and tags too.

  • Im a terrible hoarder. I have two boxes of stuff. I have a scrapbook that i made when i was pregnant with scans and photos of bump. First outfit, tags from hospital, congrats cards from birth, details from hospital with her stats on, first xmas cards. First halloween outfit (cos she was only two weeks old), first dummy. i will be adding to it until she one then i will put them away until she is older.
  • oh why didnt i think of the newpaper, thats fab

  • I have a lovely box with Evies name on it and i've got birth cards, 1st christmas cards and tags in it, i'll also put her christening cards and tags in it, all her scans 4d scan dvd, tags from hospital, footprint pictures, i also have two baby books which i keep updating, i got one then a friend got her one when she was born lol xxxx
  • I have the newspaper from his birthday, his cord clamp, his wrist tag, his 1st baby grow, his 1st wigan rugby top, christmas suit and halloween costume. His discharge papers from the hospital, a hand print, um thats all i can think of...still adding to it! x
  • really, oh will have to look.... and maybe get into that myself lol

  • Hi, i have tegans all in an old box, really need to find a nice decent one thats big enough still. i have kept the bit from her cord, first plaster, coming home outfit including hat, mitts and socks, first xmas dress up outfit, hospital tags, scan pics, local news paper of day she born on, all her birth cards, xmas cards and birthday cards, coming home and birthday balloons, 1st birthday candle (well what was left of it). Theres probably more as i like to keep everything lol xxx
  • where did u get your box's to keep your lo's things in? xx
  • I've got loads!! 3d scan pics, the hat they put on her when she was born, hospital tags, belly button clamp with stump attached!!, all birth cards, newspaper from the day she was born, 1st Christmas cards, etc etc and a baby record book that is now complete.
    She'll have a huge box to look at when she's older!
  • I keep remembering more thats in it!!! I too have the umblical stump thingy, newspaper from day she was born, footprint and handprint in salt dough from when she was 2 weeks old. I have pics of her 'meeting' the family for the first time. Im sure she will laugh at us when shes older!! I also keep meaning to get the number one single at the time she was born.
  • oh im getting loads more ideas now! i keep everything.. lol

  • i'm currently using a mamas and papas gift box but need something bigger...i haveeee cards from birth and christening, hospital tags, going home outfit, cord stump and peg, christening outfit, scan piccies, christening book signed by all the guests, im currently filling in a 0-5 book which will eventually go in there when he's 5 errrmmmm newspaper with his pic in from a santa baby competition, the namecard that was in his hospital 'fish tank' lol! can't remember what else i've put in there, it's full of stuff though! x
  • Listef where did you get the wigan rugby top from? Hubby wants us to get one for Frankie.
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