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My lo has eczema, it's flared up quite badly in the heat. Ive been using aqueous cream but have just been prescibed oiltum (sp?) and hydrocortisone for the bad area's.

Just wondering what other's experiences have been-what makes it worse/better etc, thanks ladiesxx

lo is 15weeks


  • hi

    most of my 5 kids have had/still have eczema! Its an awful thing.

    I use all non bio wash products and no softners. I also use only simple range of bath products and shampoos.

    I watch their diet as somethings can trigger a bad reaction. Lots of citrus and too much milk seems to set them off.

    My 3 yr old is the worst one yet and he as 2% hydrocortisone for the bad areas on his body and 1% for any on his face as 2% is too heavy and can thin the skin too much. I bathe him and while he is still damp I rub cream on to keep in as much moisture. I do this even if he has no flare ups. i just rub E45 or similiar all over him. When he is bad I still do this but rub the 2% on the effected parts. Sometimes a medicine like piriton can help when they are itching at night. Keep their nails short so they cant scratch till they bleed and then get infections.

    My kids grow out of it by the time they are 5 or so.

    Good luck

    d xxx
  • I've had eczema since birth and unforunately I still have it 30 years later! My mum used to have to put little socks on my hands to stop me scratching like mad. This heat we're getting now is no help at all, so from personal experience nice cool flannel or wet wipes from the fridge to cool the skin down is bliss. I can't remember what sort of cream I had back in the day but E45 to start with is always a winner.
    Hope your lo is not suffering too much.

    21 + 2
  • My Abby had awful excema - it was even all over her face, and oilatum and aqueous cream did nothing. My MIL suggested using Dream cream and dream wash (from Lush) and I was really skeptical, but decided that it couldn't possibly make it worse so gave it a try and litterally a few days later it had almost gone, and now at 10 weeks you would never know there was ever a rash there - it was like a miracle!

  • Thanks for all the advice-he's so sore bless him although he's still smiling away so it can't be bothering him too much. I just keep reminding myself that there's far worse things he could have, it's just horrible to see him looking uncomfortable

    Will pop into lush and see if i can find that cream and will also try the evening primrose oil xx
  • That sounds fab!! You must be so pleased! I think ill try the stuff prescibed by the doctor first and then move onto the alternatives if it doesn't work xx
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