Gastric flu!


Just wondered if any of your lo's have ever had gastric flu and if so how long did it last? Holly starting being not well on Sunday night / Monday morning with sickness and a high temp, late on Monday afternoon we took her to the emergency doc as her temp was climbing and we couldnt get it down. The doc examined her and said it was gastroentirits and was concered at her temp but because she was drinking said that was her saving grace from having to go to hospital. Since then her temp has stabilised and although still high its ok. Last night she cried for HOURS through the night and nothing would settle her but this morning she seemed a little better and just wanted food but everything we have given her (a little weatabix this am, soup and bread at lunch time) has just run through her so tonight I thought I would try her with a little milk but she just sicked it back up. I would have thought she should have been feeling a bit better by now?


  • Thanks, I emailed boots coz they are offering to get a pharmasist to call you back so thought Id rather do that than the docs over here think Im a neurotic mum!
    Anyway the guy was lovely and said she should be keeping something in her by now but because everything is either running through her or she is sicking it up I should get an emergency doc out. He also said that there are 4 or 5 virusus that are causing this imflamation of her gut and there is one type that needs antibiotics and she could have it.
    So what I am gonna do is leave it for now because she is sound asleep in her bed and if and when she wakes up screaming through the night (I swear she caried for nearly 3 hours) I will call the doc out and if she sleeps till morning I will take her then.
    The poor wee soul doesn't know what to do with herself, its sooo horrible watching them being ill image
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