Christmas Shopping - anyone started??

Just wondering if anyone has started Christmas shopping or given any thought to what their LO would like? My ds will be one year in Oct so not sure what will make good santa pressies. Any ideas?

AM xx


  • Oh I do love Christmas, yayyy!! Not started yet but was in tesco with my mum the other day and they had this fab Fisher Price hippo toy walker contraption for half price (??20 instead of ??40) so my mum bought it for my ds for Christmas as he'll be 10 months then. The big Tesco stores have some great toy gifts on offer at the mo, might be worth a look xx
  • not yet but dzefinately need to get a wiggle on as baby no2 is due beginning december so not gonna be in any state to get out and do it late november and onwards...xx
  • I have to confess I started in January when the sales started!!
    I have ITNG shape & spin gazebo, dress up Noddy, story time Winnie the Pooh, ITNG play trail and a fisher price bath island. We are looking at other things to and my lo will be 1 on October so we are getting her a Smart trike. For christmas we have been looking at a Talking Iggle Piggle, and a few other things and then we are going to get some small presents for her stocking filler my parents are getting her Elmo Live. I love Christmas!!
  • I have most of DD1 christmas presents sorted but as Lucie will only be 9 months old we are just going to get her some vouchers and spend them in the sales and maybe 1-2 small things as we did with dd1 when she had her first christmas at 8 weeks old.
  • i fininshed tobys last week got some things in the sales and last week got a in the night garden bike and pop up tent (new in the box from ebay for ??15)
  • happyflump I cannot believe you are sorted for Christmas - that is super super organised!!! Wow! I am now motivated to start looking online for pressies x
  • Wow you people are sooooo orgainised, I don't want to be dragging myself around the shops so I will start thinking about it soon xxx
  • ive started, i have a 9yr old boy and youngest Ethan will be 1 on 4th Dec, he's not having much, as he's not going to know, but i have started just to spread the cost image
  • I have bought DD a few things - mainly books. Her main present is going to be a chair that I got when I was little and it was my mums before that. It needs recovering so I am going to get a quote for that tomorrow.

    I did say to DH earlier in the week that we will have to be organised when shops have sales on etc and get things when they have money off
  • My little boy is only 18 weeks so I'm going to wait until he starts to show more interest in things to see what he likes.

    Although I have to admit I LOVE going shopping in nov/dec and starting the festive excitment..coming home with bags full of pressies for people! I love the whole feeling of Xmas and if I bought stuff now I wouldn't feel like I was buying for Xmas iyswim?

    Am soooo looking forward to my babys 1st Xmas though...but not looking forward to having to go back to work in I am by no means wishing time away! image xx
  • Dylan will be 1 exactly a month before xmas. He's going to have toys for his birthday he can use at time (spin and rock zebra activity cube easel and lots more bits no doubt) then for xmas things he can use in summer like a sand and water pit and other things forthe garden.

    Wanna spoil him image

  • if started , only just mind. bought mia 1 of those bounce and spin zebras in pink as they was in offer at tesco , ( ??27 rather than ?? 50 something ) . also goin to get her some lil people, mega bloks ect as she will b 11 months. finding our eldest dd hard wrk tho as she will of just turned 7 an cant decided wot she like s lol xx
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