Mummies of boys...

I wonder if this post will ring a bell for any of you.

When I was pregnant I was desperate for a girl and convinced I was having a girl. I never wanted a son (sorry that sounds awful). When I got to the 20 week scan and was told he was a boy I was so shocked - and SO happy!! - pregnancy hormones eh.

It used to do my head in how men /boys are always 'mummys boys' and mums seem to think their sons can do no wrong - I always said I'd never spoil MY son and treat him like a baby / have him living at home till 35/ etc etc.

However the love for my son is totally overwhelming and I just want to snuggle him, baby him, do absolutely everything for him and I want him to be the biggest mummys boy ever and never leaaaave me lol! dear god I am going to make a terrible MIL!


  • Ha Ha!!!

    That is EXCATLY how I feel!!!!!

  • Could not agree more!!!!! Was hoping for a girl as all my family have boys and oh only has brothers. But when we found out we were just so relieved everything was ok after everything we'd been trhoug before.
    I honestly can't do enough for him and I know I won't be able to stop him becoming a Mummies boy!! Gald I'm not the only one x
  • Haha Im the same I almost wish hell be gay so I can keep him forever
  • ha ha ha Sando-hadn't thought of that!!! x
  • ha sorry im gate crashing from pregnancy can i just say im totally with u all lol but ive actually thought of a way that i can keep him my lil man forever AND be a good mil in the future , be nice!!thats it if im nice his future wife will love me and let me be involved , i know this u see as my mil is a witch and i nag my oh if he even mentions her coming here or vice versa but if has been nice to me like my oh stepmum i would like her and not nag oh and let them see jack as much as they want like i do with grandma and grandad(oh dad and stepmum)so there is my plan ..........oh and to teach him basic skills like washing his own clothes and cleanin up a mess and not just fillin the dishwasher but puttin it on too(sorry little rant about oh there!!he he) xxxxxxxxx
  • chuffedbaby2 think the basic skills is a really good idea. I want lo to be able to cook, wash his own clothes and look after himself and ,one day, when he has an other half of his own. x
  • I feel exactly the same!!

    I also was hoping for a girl and even the first few days of my son being born I could not believe it was a boy, and I think I was a bit disapointed, but now, I would not want it any other way.

    My boy is 6 monthes and already a big mummies boy, and I hope it never changes.

    I want more kids and I want all boys.

    I wouldn't be bothered one but if he was gay either, as long as he is happy and he always comes home for christmas. image

    Merry Christmas Ladies xx
  • LOL tiger lily your post made me laugh!Im the same with my son..I never found out what sex i was having but my mum was convinced i would be having a boy,i had dreams in which my baby was always a he and had a boys name all picked out but could not decide on a girls name at all!luckily i didnt have to as i had my little Benjamin!!!!
    I now cant imagine having a girl and just lurve my little boy to bits!!!i would be happy if he turned out gay,straight,alien...who cares as long as he loves me as much as i love him and like you said stays with me forever lol....nope only kidding i do want more children and would like a girl in the future,i hope i can be a good MIL and get along with my future DIL esp if i never get to have my own little girl i would like to look on my sons wife as a daughter!!!!!!!!Gawd how soppy am i???x
  • Whoops just to say my mum was convinced i was having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not that it really matters lol
  • yep im exactly the same! Lol at sando, i sometimes wish that too so id be the only woman in his life! :lol:
  • I can totally understand where you're coming from - but I haven't got a mummys boy and dont want him to be either. He will know how to do everything for himself (like OH did before I came along) but will also know how to do things for other people.... (buying birthday pressies anniversary pressies etc... ;\) )
    I must be strange as I have no desire for my boy to be a mummy's boy (maybe I'm too scared he will turn out like OH...?) as long as he's happy, and never grows up he'll be ok ;\) :lol:
    I've also recently made the decision never to be a MIL.... :lol:

    Ollie is definately his dads boy, he will go to him over me every time given the chance, will struggle out of my arms to gt to him all the time, and generally behaves for his dad. :roll:

    this next one is a girl, and I'm hoping she will be a mummy's girl, but I have a feeling she will be daddy's too....

  • I do know what you mean Stephe - I mean, I moan about OH never writing christmas cards, not knowing how to turn the oven on (seriously), moaning about having to go out shopping together and buy Gabe's presents, and "why couldn't I have done it months ago" (!!) and all because he's never done that kind of thing for himself - yet I'm going to turn Gabe the same! eeeek...I think it's a vicious circle ladies dont you??!!
    Gabe likes cuddles off mummy but when it comes to playing, mummy is totally boring!! xx
  • :lol: I'm lucky if i get a cuddle too!
    It'll be ok - he's never going to grow up so its never going to be a problem image :lol:
    And I can still work on my lil girl image

  • YES!!! TO ALL 3 OF THEM!! xxxx
  • No girl will ever be good enough for my little cherub.....

    Yep, i'm going to be a nightmare!
  • Thank god, I thought I was the only one who almost wished her son would be gay so we could stay really close. Wouldn't change the wee man for anything in the world but I still can't believe I have a boy and not a girl. I'll probably make him into the biggest mummies boy ever. S x
  • I know exactly where you are coming from tiger lily, I have 2 boys and 2 girls, Jacob my eldest isnt really much of a mummys boy anymore but he will still give me a kiss in front of his mates, the 2 girls are very independant which is lovely but cuddles from them are very much on their terms lol, when I fell pregnant with Isaac I was convinced I was having another girl and was actually dissapointed when I was told at my 20 week scan he was a boy (Cant believe I felt like that) I was even walking around the day before he was born worried that I wouldnt want him when he came along. However when he was born he was so beautiful and gorgeous and I fell in love with him instantly, he is such a cuddly mummys boy now and I really dont want him to ever grow out of it. I know he will but I just want it to last for ever. lets hear it for the boys (and girls who are lovely too just not as cuddly) xx
  • aww i know what u mean! i love my little man soooo much, i REALLY wanted a boy and i knew i was having a boy from the moment i found out i was pregnant, i think even if the sonographer had told me i was having a girl i wouldnt have believed her!! x
  • I know this is gna sound wierd but i'm gna treat jason how my dad treated me (role reversed i know but yer!!!) ie, cooking, cleaning, buying presents, remebering bdays/aniversaries etc but learning by his own mistakes! hopefully getting him to know that i'm there if he's get himself into trouble but not gna be over shadowing him.

    not really worrying about it now tho, he's got a right little mummy's boy these past few weeks (he's 8 n a half months) but till he's about 3 i'm just gna let him be! lol

    don't like talking about this... makes me not want him to grow up *sob*!!!!!
  • I have a 4 year old boy and i couldn't be anymore protective if i tried, especially with the world these days! Me and oh half drill it into his head that he won't be aloud out until he's at least 20. lol. Then not aloud to date until at least 30.

    As for our daughter...She isn't aloud out at all unless big brother is on guard. lol. She's gonna love us. lol

    ;Lisa xxx
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