hoping to get an idea about routines

Hey ladies,

I hope your all having a fab mothers day!

My lo doesn't have a routine yet but hoping we'll get one soon, so just wondered what is your routine and how long it took to establish it.




  • my daughter is 11 weeks and has only really been in a routine set by herself for around 4 weeks i thought it was best to leave her to set it herself rather than me try and do it i think it is much easier.
  • I only put him into a feeding routine, the rest fell into place by itself. But I don't think I started it till 6 weeks and exact times probably changed every 5 days! I fed him every 3 hours with a dream feed and he was sleeping through by 9 or 10 weeks. Daytime naps I just left to when he wanted to sleep, and still don't bother scheduling them now.
  • hey hun, cam is 9 months so our routine has been in place for a long time now though it does change often. i just started a bath, bottle, bed routine at 6.30 every night and the rest of his routine just fell into place.
  • I've had Abby in a routine since day 3 (she was in SCBU the first 2 days). Many people think that I therefore have a very strict routine but I don't. I started off with waking her every 3 hours for a feed and the rest just fell into place. :\)

    Now Abby is 13 weeks and our day is very much the same each day.

    7am - feed
    9-10am - nap
    10am - feed
    12-1pm - nap
    1pm - feed

    2 power naps in afternoon - varies according to Abby's needs
    4pm - feed

    6-7pm - nightime feeds, bath and massage
    7-10pm - sleep
    10pm - feed

    Sleep to 6:30am :lol:

    However this is not set in stone. Abby feeds when she is hungry and sleeps when she is tired. I read her signs and respond to them. Having a basic routine means that I have a vague idea what she needs at any point in time.

    Difficult babies need a stricter routine. Many people hate Gina Ford, saying that it's totally inflexible but it is great for grumpy babies.

    Good luck,
    H xx
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