hairstyles (completely non baby related!)

Im having some 'me' time tomorrow and getting my hair down, woohoo! At the moment its boring shoulder length and chocolate brown but im aiming to go back blonde as brunette makes me look pale. Anyway i just wondered which style you like, the classic bob or the cropped bob?

(im hoping to attach images so bear with me!)




  • im trying to get the other image on

    (ignore the fact its victoria B)
  • Can't see the second one but love the first one! Would never have the guts to go shorter than I have now, took me ages just to get it cut to shoulder length! Enjoy your me time. xxx
  • Ooooh LOVE the Katie one looks goreous I say go for it and enjoy your 'me' time. My last 2 'me' time sessions have been cancelled! x
  • im sorry if this second image doesn't appear or if there are loads of them this crappy website keeps eating all my msgs - grrrr!


  • OMG I've just had my hair cut like the Katie Holmes pic. if only it actually made me look like her too! Anyway I love it. Although fringe is a nightmare in the rain, suddenly all wavy and curly. Go for it. S x
  • I have had both styles in the pastand both are easy to maintain and the bob suits all face shapes. Thats why its always a hit.

    If you have longer hair or have not gone 'short' before I would suggest the Katie style. If your not so brave (or are not very tall) the height on the crown in Victoria pic is a must.

    Depends how brave you are. Must say both are quite long though.

    I had a restyle begining of last year. Got bored of the hair I had grown down to my waist. Had it all cut off into a 60's style bob like the victoria pic (only about 1 inch shorter). The hairdresser was horrified at first but we both loved it when it was done.
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