horrible old woman!

I was at the hospital today and in the waiting area got talking to some old ladies - they always like to coo over the baby!

I told them he was 10 months old, and one of them asked if he could talk yet. I said just the usual words at this stage, you know, mama, dada etc. So the old woman said 'never mind, don't worry. Some babies are just a bit slower.' Apparently her kids were talking by 6 months and when her eldest was just 15 months she would send him on his little bike to the shop and he could ask for a loaf of bread and a pint of milk. She was so patronising about my 'slow' little boy.

Is it just me, or was she talking absolute bull***t? I don't know any babies who could say anything at 6 months!


  • Oh dear poor old lady! Having to make someone else feel bad just to make yourself feel better. Wonder what her advanced lo is doing now? Would totally ignore poor lady.x
  • LOL - she must have been insane poor love x
  • oh dear, maybe her memory is going! I thought it was odd the other day when my nan asked if louise was talking yet - I said no (she only 4 months) and she said something along the lines of 'never mind, she will be soon'.
  • i think sometimes older women forget what their ol did and at what age. my ol is 9 months and doesen t really talk the odd muma or dad da. just ignore people like her
  • I've never heard of a LO talking quite that early!! Silly old bat - dementia must be taking over! Forget she even said anything!

  • Erm asking for a pint of milk by 15 months?! Hmmm - having said that I spoke to a lady on holiday whos lo was 4 1/2 months and he was saying mama, dada, and baba! I heard it too - very surprised. Gabe is nearly 7 months and he is saying mama and dada. But most kids arent talking in proper sentences until at least age 2 - 3. xx
  • :lol: what planet is she on??? Sorry but talking at 6 months and riding a little bike at 15 months LMAO!!!!! OMG that makes Isaac look like a total dimbo bless him, he is 19 months and only just walking, best get that trike out now and make him practice day and night till he perfects it . ha ha ha sorry to laugh but that has brightened up an otherwise pretty crappy day for me. xxx
  • bless, reckon it was sooo long ago shes clearly forgotten what her kid was doing when x
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